1. XxX_MLG Noob_XxX

    Arcade Mode Guide: Meteor

    So I went on ahead and made guide video #2. This one is about meteor. Um...not much more to say about that. In the video description on YouTube, the video is divided into floors. So if you want to skip to certain parts of the video, feel free. I tried to fix the silent mic issue. Hopefully...
  2. XxX_MLG Noob_XxX

    Arcade Mode Guide: Berzerk + Whirlslash

    Long ago, a great, wise man by the name of Own posted 2 Arcade Mode survival guides here on the forums. This inspired me in the grinding days of my youth to do something similar...somewhat. Below you'll see a link to a video on how to get through arcade with Berzerk and Whirlslash. I also talk...
  3. EnchantPlatinum

    Is this Youtube Comment Deserved?

    So, a while ago I posted a video version for Ariadne's old AFK guide. It has gotten around 1700 views which makes me endlessly happy, being kind of a failed start up youtuber. Long story short, I recently got a comment saying "I couldn't take you seriously when you play using a keyboard...