1. T

    Co-op Story Round Robin

    There seems top be an issue when playing co-op and having the item distribution being set to round robin. the items are not shared and sometimes neither player is getting the item. Don't know if anyone else was running into this issue
  2. Supreme Cocktus Leader

    Fishing Improvements

    For quite a while now, fishing has been nothing more than a time-sink during 100% completion and an occasional occurrence during arcade which offers some benefits, but not that many. I have a few ideas that could be implemented so as to increase the luster of fishing. Fishing Weapon Class So we...
  3. Chaldo

    [**MORE** UPDATED] [SUGGESTIONS] Bow Improvements

    While I like the new update and it's support for the bow, I think it needs improvement because it's a little lacking. As you progress through the story, the bow can be upgraded, but the only difference I have noticed is a damage increase. (EVEN NEWER) Upgradeable Bow Parts (Chris) Instead of...
  4. WalceDony

    [Suggestion] Item pricing in Arcade Mode.

    I've been playing Arcade mode a lot, and noticed that the Straw Boater has LOWER stats than the Warm Hat, yet sells for 50 MORE gold. Shouldn't the price of items scale up depending on what stats they have? I'm not sure if this is also the case with other items. If it is, I will keep this thread...