1. K

    Aspect Ratio.

    Please, any chance to add an option to keep aspect ratio in "yes fullscreen"/"windowed" modes? I had to downgrade my monitor for the time being, and both modes just horizontally stretches my game and make it look ugly and difficulties gameplay. I really need to keep aspect ratio, even if that...
  2. S

    Multiplayer Lag Spikes / Stuttering / Freezes

    Hi there! The issues did not start now, already happened a few patches ago as well. When I play with a friend of mine (we often play various multiplayer games together where one of us has to host, no issues in other games luckily), I get lag spikes every few minutes, sometimes more often. He...
  3. F

    [Gameplay] Massive lag over 20 minutes of play time.

    Im having an issue with s.o.g whats been happening is my fps would slowly go down in a timespan of 20 minutes. and it gets so bad as to where i get 2-25 fps. This has never happened in older updates. I have also tried messing around with the fullscreen modes, setting it to Windowed (25 Fps)...