1. MysticVirgo

    Gold Skill Point Revamp.

    Gold Skill Points need to be revamped. I love (LOVE) this game, but the fact I cannot max out AT LEAST 2 spells at level 24 #breaksmyheart. Players should be able to max out at least 2 skills around level 20-25. (which would make for very interesting builds!) My suggestion: reduce the number...
  2. G

    Support Abilities

    I feel that having a damage reduction and attack speed increase just isn't enough for the support role, an actual healing ability would be nice or perhaps a channeling ability where you can make one team member imune like the crystals from the flying fortress or maybe give a party member some...
  3. A

    [Gameplay] Swarm Vs. Giant Thorn-Worm Bug (Possible Spoiler for Players)

    Hello, I recently played the last available missions in Tai Ming. When I got to the Giant Thorn-Worm boss fight I realised that my primary damaging ability, Swarm, was not properly applying DOT. Instead it would only hurt the Giant Thorn-Worms when they traveled through the ground. I'm not sure...
  4. C

    Magic dealing no damage bug ?

    Hi guys so I just bought the game today and was starting the story with my friend. I get to lvl 2 and chose to try magic, i started playing around with meteors and had quite a lot of fun. (Note that at lvl 2 with no stuff my meteor dealt 60 damage). But ever since we got past the exam, all my...