1. M

    [visual]Camera gets stuck when it pans upwards

    When the character approaches either the forgotten tower or the ruined goddess statue past the sprout on pillar mountain,. the camera pans upwards. However, the camera will not pan back down, and it gets stuck in a position where the player is not centered on the screen and the majority of the...
  2. L

    [Minor bug] Missing collision detection

    In the cave where you have to smash the red Spinsects into the large rock to get the Loaded Dice in Mt Bloom. The smaller rocks falling down a bit into the fight don't have any collision detection and the Spinsects went right through them. Either i developed serious psychokinetic powers or...
  3. WalceDony

    Getting behind the red building next to the arena.

    If you try to walk behind the red building next to the arena (No idea what it's actually called...) you are not able to; however if you use dodging strike to boost yourself behind it, you can walk behind the building. You are able to easily walk back out again, but since you can't get there...