1. B

    Quest/Potion Bug?

    Please please please help, I'm new here and just downloaded it from steam on February 29, 2024. The first time I started the game was with a friend and he was the host. When he wasn't able to play, I started playing on my own (I noticed it had my character from the multiplayer still saved...
  2. karpach

    upd. delete

    upd. delete
  3. H

    [Spectral Party Quest] Got all ghosts, but quest asks for more

    Wiki says there's 11 on top of the 3 first ones. Adding the quest giver, I count 15 in this image (11+3+1) Am I missing something?
  4. K

    Crystal Clear quest bug!

    Crystal chisel Misc. recipe not created. Can interact with Katarina and the materials have been collected, but cannot craft the chisel.
  5. Kotaro

    Almost at 100%, I miss just ONE thing ! please help me :) (spoiler)

    SPOILER ALERT Okay so, I just missed one chest on mount bloom... It's the last chest on the phasing mini-game, I really don't know how I can get it and I really need your help... This is a screenchot from the place thanks for your help ! (I hide my wapon and shield just in case XD)
  6. R

    [Gameplay] No quests in arcade mode

    I updated to the latest stable version V0.800a and went through the process of selecting what to carry over to the new arcade mode. I selected all except quests. However, no quests are available for me to accept. My friend who even selected to bring over quests had new quests offered by the...
  7. O

    [Gameplay] Piercing Dash through closed gate on temple Breaks game

    I am unable to replicate the bug, with Piercing Dash, however, following the initial "Break-in" of the temple (without having collected any stones) I stepped back out of the temple, to which I noticed there was a new person stood outside the temple. Having only been half way through (I assume, I...
  8. M

    Witch side quest bug in coop

    When playing with a new player trying to do the Witch side quest (to get the candy cane) the quest will mark as complete for both if only 1 player has all the items. I had everything on me and could speak to the Witch when my buddy was outside but as soon as he came in we could not talk to her...
  9. A

    [Gameplay] Stuck on objective in A Frozen Fairytale

    My friend and I seem to be stuck on the "Go to Santa Fae" objective of A Frozen Fairytale. We cleared the Temple of Seasons and retrieved the gauntlet, but can't turn it in. I had entered Santa Fae alone to activate the quick travel plate. I closed the game during the cut scene because I had...
  10. L

    [Major] Game Breaking Glitch (portals)

    This one's an odd one, and it's one that no one is likely to come across, unless you're trying to be smart, but I'll post it anyway. My save file is no longer playable because of it, which is a bummer, because I had over 7 hours on that save :( Okay, so after you defeat the Temple of...