1. Kotaro

    Almost at 100%, I miss just ONE thing ! please help me :) (spoiler)

    SPOILER ALERT Okay so, I just missed one chest on mount bloom... It's the last chest on the phasing mini-game, I really don't know how I can get it and I really need your help... This is a screenchot from the place thanks for your help ! (I hide my wapon and shield just in case XD)
  2. Mentai

    Seasonne (! 1/3)

    Hello, where can I find the last 2 !, in Seasonne? ! are quests, right? Because in Seasonne... I think, I would have made all ... (Birthday Dinner, The Goblin Grinch, Split The Bill -> according Getting 100 % by Teddy)
  3. D

    [Gameplay] Can't place teleport plate at flying fortress

    Hi all, The quest "The Ancient Temple" is glitched for me even though I have beaten all of the game that is available and this quest is part of the 'Main Quest' Type which means I am robbed of a Talent Orb sadly because it has not completed. The first two steps of the quest are complete detailed...
  4. Martijnv

    Is the message in a bottle in game or not?

    I've been fishing a bit and I was wondering if the message in a bottle is already is the game. I didn't fish for long because I didn't want to continu without know if it was already in the game.
  5. J

    Active Quests - A Frozen Fairytale Not Completed

    I have long completed the quest A Frozen Fairytale. I have beaten the Winter Fairy and am currently on the Mount Bloom quests. However, when I check my active quests, A Frozen Fairytale is still one of them. Is this a bug or did I miss something in Santa Fae?