1. XxX_MLG Noob_XxX

    Rethinking the Design of Shields

    I'm gonna go ahead and throw out a probably-controversial, certainly-game-reversing idea: What if shields couldn't be broken? Some Major Problems Recently I've been spending more time thinking about the kinds of things the game rewards and the kinds of things it doesn't reward, as well as how...
  2. XxX_MLG Noob_XxX

    Resolving Projectile Shield Damage

    I think the pguard damage update that recently happened was pretty cool. It helped most things, but it didn't seem to solve everything. The most notable problems are elite lanterns, elite frostlings, and smashie. I'm not sure where the "problem's source" lies. It could be enemy damage. It could...
  3. Eiroth

    [Bug] The winter shield still uses the old freeze animation

    Basically the title. Just froze a monkey and it turned into a big block of ice like the old times. It was also still able to move and attack, even though the sprite wasn't moving.
  4. G

    Support Abilities

    I feel that having a damage reduction and attack speed increase just isn't enough for the support role, an actual healing ability would be nice or perhaps a channeling ability where you can make one team member imune like the crystals from the flying fortress or maybe give a party member some...