1. Ashitaka

    [CRASH] Tai Ming Shrine

    My wife and I have been playing for awhile and just restarted the game. We got to Tai Ming, and we got pretty far (into the shrine) and watched the flashbacks where Zhamla does bad thing (trying to avoid spoilers). We go into the building, we killed all the enemies, and watched the flashback orb...
  2. P

    My save restored from a 15/01/19 backup

    Like the title says, i lost almost one mounth of progress. I litterally happened after a few hours of progress. I played with my friend just before and decided to launch the game to play alone. there was a message (which i screenshoted but it didn't work) stating that my save has been...
  3. Frigid

    Character Slot Overwrite

    If you attempt to create a character on the beta in the same slot as a character you have on the purchased version of the game, you'll corrupt the character slot. There's no way to see this from the beta character creation screen, as forward version character selection screen will show beta...
  4. N

    game can't open [solved]

    If you're on Windows 8 or 10; 1 - On your keyboard, press "Windows Key + X" 2 - You should see a menu 3 - Click on "Command Prompt (Admin)" 4 - In the window that popped out, type in there "/sfc scannow" without the "" 5 - Wait for the process to finish 6 - Restart your PC If you're on Windows...