1. Lv99 Loli Mage

    Hey hey hey check out my stream!

    Me and my bud play time to time and try to get as far as we can in arcade being ridonculous and what not so check us out.
  2. GrayShadoz

    Let's Play Through Mount Bloom

    Here is a play through of Mount Bloom! I have been playing this game since alpha and I am in complete love! My friend has also been playing since then and we are so excited for new updates! Hope you enjoy! If you want to see more follow my twitch:
  3. Paulark

    Lotus Gaming Stream!

    My friends and I, will be streaming Secrets of Grindea everyday @ 6pm - 10:30pm PST. Check out our previous broadcasts @ I will possibly upload the broadcasts on my YouTube Channel! (link is in the twitch channel description). Please take the time you have and check out...