1. Ecodot

    Multiplayer bug: Player stuck outside of mimic boss fight

    When two players spawn in the mimic boss fight room and one of the players just stay still and the other one activates the mimic, then the other player will be locked outside of the room (The game spawn fences and the other player gets stuck behind them).
  2. Xzait Dgizs

    Using Shift for skills, so you use 5 buttons instead of 10

    Occasionally, if you are using shift+ Button to reduce the amount of keys you need to press, the game will lock a skill. Every time you change areas, open then close the menu, chat with someone or complete a quest objective, you will go into a skill casting stance, even without casting any...
  3. O

    [Gameplay] Piercing Dash through closed gate on temple Breaks game

    I am unable to replicate the bug, with Piercing Dash, however, following the initial "Break-in" of the temple (without having collected any stones) I stepped back out of the temple, to which I noticed there was a new person stood outside the temple. Having only been half way through (I assume, I...
  4. A

    [Gameplay] Stuck on objective in A Frozen Fairytale

    My friend and I seem to be stuck on the "Go to Santa Fae" objective of A Frozen Fairytale. We cleared the Temple of Seasons and retrieved the gauntlet, but can't turn it in. I had entered Santa Fae alone to activate the quick travel plate. I closed the game during the cut scene because I had...