tai ming

  1. Den4kGames

    Bran Di ghost and Aged Rom

    My new problem consist then: Ghost Bran Di is missing, and im dont have any chance to reward 100% on Tai Ming, and im dont have Emperty Bottle im my inventory and Selling Items. Aged Rom missing to, but im opened chest in Lost ship with him.
  2. M

    [Gameplay] Getting stuck in different times in Tai Ming in Multiplayer

    Hi! I found this bug today while i was playing StoryMode on Multiplayer with one friend. We both are on stable. I also tried to look through the forums to see if anyone else had reported this and didn't find any. Here's the bug: I was just beginning to explore Tai Ming with a friend but after...
  3. GrayShadoz

    Secrets of Grindea! Tai Ming - Part 3 - Side Quests and Mini Bosses

    Hi! A month ago i revived my gaming channel. With that I have been working on all of my skills to become a better editor and commentor. Playing new games and rpg's that are open world are my favorite. I do reviews or 'Let's Trys' to show them off. I am also an invested Rocket League player, so I...
  4. GrayShadoz

    Secrets of Grindea - Tai Ming - Part 2 Crazy Apes and Wheres the Ale?!

    Hey guys! I'm Timothy, also known as GrayShadoz. I have finally revived my channel and with that comes more Secrets of Grindea one of my new favorite games! I've been playing this game for a while but I cant wait for a update! Hope you enjoy my gameplay! Click that link ^^ for my latest video!
  5. S

    [Bug] changing difficulty during Zalma Meer battle makes him and the fight timer stop.

    I changed from normal to hard in the middle of the battle to see the difference and instead, Zalma froze in the fire on the left side of the screen. My snow minion and cloud then killed him but the battle didn't end because the timer had stopped going down. I had to save and quit and restart the...
  6. CataclysmG

    [Bug] Sequence breaking through out of bounds in Tai Ming

    Alright, I've been playing for about 6 or 7 hours straight now and I've (un)fortunately hit a bug. In the present of Tai Ming, you can find the entrance to the place where artifacts are kept (forgot the name because I'm a genius) and you're supposed to walk up and interact with it to progress...
  7. O

    [Gameplay] Piercing Dash through closed gate on temple Breaks game

    I am unable to replicate the bug, with Piercing Dash, however, following the initial "Break-in" of the temple (without having collected any stones) I stepped back out of the temple, to which I noticed there was a new person stood outside the temple. Having only been half way through (I assume, I...
  8. E

    "Steelface" in Tai Ming bugged -- can't progress -- fatal

    I'm in the battle where you acquire the shield. I got the shield and even equipped it. But no matter what I do, the battle never ends. I kill all the monsters, and then they all respawn. Over and over and over again. I'm playing with my another person. Another odd thing that happened: just as...
  9. MrChocodemon

    [Gameplay][Visual] You can walk between pushable crates - Tai Ming

  10. Dragonsdale

    Future Tai Ming Collectors HQ Bugs!

    [GAMEPLAY] FRONTLINE Sorry didn't put this in the title!!! So I've found two odd things in the walled arena below the collectors HQ in future Tai Ming. 1) A Thornworm left Tai Ming to go on an adventure to distant lands. A monkey threw a thornworm, and it landed next to the right-hand wall...
  11. G

    [Gameplay] The monkey room in TM2

    Hello! I just finished Tai Ming 2 earlier today, and noticed something that you guys (game developers) probably hadn't intended. In the room with the gazillion monkeys that throw around the key needed to exit the room, if you return to the previous room after obtaining the key (whether or not...
  12. M

    [audio] Tai ming area 1

    entering the present "Tai Ming" from "Tai Ming inner city" causes it for no background music to play. but if you enter from mount bloom the background music does play, dunno if its intentional just feels a bit off also if you enter "Tai ming" from "Tai Ming inner city" and head back right away...
  13. M

    [crash] -frontline- after thornworm battle

    I send the bug report about this but found some more details. Status game: multiplayer host, Round Robin, No companions. State char: pet: pink Rabby visible active skills: cloud strike, frosty friend, shadow clone using skill: spirit slash The game crashed after my battle with the thorn worms...
  14. G

    Crash with new update

    in the new update my game crashes whenever i try to go to the second half of tai ming and i cant figure out why or how to fix it, some help would be appreciated.