temple of seasons

  1. A

    [GAMEPLAY] Temple of Seasons Story Mode Secrets Completion Bug

    I have unlocked all 5 chests at Temple of Seasons, yet it still shows my secret completion as 4/5 on the map. Checked multiple times that I indeed had 5 "opened chests" in the area, so unless there's another secret other than the chests, it's probably a bug. This is the only thing blocking me...
  2. M

    Entrance blockage

    So a recent bug I found was, when teleporting from the room just before the Elder Winter boss battle in the Temple of Seasons, in the room you fight Autumn and Summer, the shops in Evergrind city wouldn't let me enter, and when I went into my own house, it wouldn't let me leave, and I had to...
  3. V

    Chest was empty - Golden Key

    Hello, I got a big problem. In the last part of the puzzle in the temple of seasons, where you can open two boxes. The first box should have contained a golden key to open the door (room with the pictures of the seasons). But the key hasnt droped out of the box :( And I was dumb and saved the...
  4. RuckeySquad

    FIXED [Crash] [Frontline] Game Crashes in the temple of seasons

    [FIXED] I encountered a bug when i decided to do some backtracking for item farming. basically when i went into the room in the temple of seasons that is above the giant statue (pictured below), the game crashes