1. ExUprising

    Ode to Grindea : A Tribute to Secrets of Grindea

    Hey, I've been stopping by and playing Grindea on and off for years when new updates come out. I decided to try my hand at making a short-ish tribute video to try and inspire some of my friends to play the game, and reflect my experience playing it. I'd love to hear some feedback, and if you...
  2. GrayShadoz

    Helping New Content Creators with Free Promotion & Community

    Hey guys! Join my discord! During my four years of youtube, I realized it's better to help others than to focus solely on myself! I have created a discord server where people can share their creations and get feedback if needed! Add my discord Timothy#3768 to get your video pinned for extra...
  3. GrayShadoz

    Secrets of Grindea - Tai Ming - Part 2 Crazy Apes and Wheres the Ale?!

    Hey guys! I'm Timothy, also known as GrayShadoz. I have finally revived my channel and with that comes more Secrets of Grindea one of my new favorite games! I've been playing this game for a while but I cant wait for a update! Hope you enjoy my gameplay! Click that link ^^ for my latest video!
  4. EnchantPlatinum

    Is this Youtube Comment Deserved?

    So, a while ago I posted a video version for Ariadne's old AFK guide. It has gotten around 1700 views which makes me endlessly happy, being kind of a failed start up youtuber. Long story short, I recently got a comment saying "I couldn't take you seriously when you play using a keyboard...
  5. GrayShadoz

    Let's Play Through Mount Bloom

    Here is a play through of Mount Bloom! I have been playing this game since alpha and I am in complete love! My friend has also been playing since then and we are so excited for new updates! Hope you enjoy! If you want to see more follow my twitch:
  6. Paulark

    Lotus Gaming Stream!

    My friends and I, will be streaming Secrets of Grindea everyday @ 6pm - 10:30pm PST. Check out our previous broadcasts @ I will possibly upload the broadcasts on my YouTube Channel! (link is in the twitch channel description). Please take the time you have and check out...