A strange guy that appears from portal in 1st lvl of arcade mode and crush the game


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I found this game on my brother's computer and decided to play it, he told me not to spoil his save file but allowed me to play in arcade mode.
I can't play because in one of the rooms on the first level an NPC appears from the portal while scattering some buggy boxes and fireworks, when I try to talk to him, the game crashes to the desktop.
It cannot be bypassed as the exits from the room are closed by stone barricades.
I can't find information about this npc in the internet.
Can i just skip this NPC?
Im downloading save file from the web, there is full town unlocked and many of NPC's is broken.
When im trying to talk to them the game is just closed to desktop without error messages, just closed.
What can be wrong?


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Sounds like potentially some dialogue assets are missing! If you're playing on Steam, try verifying the game files, or uninstall and re-install the game!