Another Use for Cards


Green Slime
You can use cards in your quickslots to use mob's skill for a certain amount of EP:

1) Green Slime - Summons a green slime that uses tackle in front of you then vanishes.
2) Rabby - Gain a temporary movement speed boost and player wont flinch from receiving attacks.
3) Mrs. Bee - Summons a Mrs. Bee familiar with her moveset. (Only 1 summon card can be used at the same time)
4) Bloomo - Attack with a whip.
5) Boar - Attack by charging into the enemy.
6) Giga Slime - Summons a Baby Giga Slime familiar with Giga Slime's moveset. (Only 1 summon card can be used at the same time)
7) Jumpkin - Summons a Jumpkin familiar with his moveset. (Only 1 summon card can be used at the same time)
8) Lantern Jack - Attack with 3 coned-fired flames.
9) Scarecrow - Attacks with batswarm.
10) Halloweed - Summons a thorn spike from the ground and it stays for X seconds.
11) Ghostly - A ghosty is summoned in front of you and he uses his attack.
12) Wisp - Shoots a homing energy ball that attacks nearest target.
13) Pecko - Summon a Baby Pecko familiar with his moveset. (Only 1 summon card can be used at the same time)
14) Guardian - Summons a purple vortex on the ground that sucks enemies in.
15) Brawler Bot - Summons a Brawler Bot familiar.
16) Phaseman - Phase shift to targeted area.
17) GUN -D4M - Summons a missle from the sky.
I think the plan for cards is to actually be used for Griddle outside the hat shop, for some good ol' fashioned RPG Card Minigame!


Green Slime
Been just thinking about this as I was playing the game. Took me 5 hours to drop a Monkey card, and many hours to get other cards. Maybe it's just me but most of times I find card bonuses underwhelming. They make a noticeable difference in early the game, but you can barely notice any boost in your stats once you reach Mt. Bloom and Tai Ming. So I was thinking about a couple ways to make them feel more rewarding:

1 - Unleashing cards' true power: once you reach a certain point of the game, you would learn how to access your cards' full power. It would be some kind of summon attack, nothing like FF summons that would take a whole minute to perform, just a cool skill-like attack performed by your monster card. You would be able to equip only 3 cards at time to perform attack so you can have easy access with hotkeys. They could be attack summons or buff summons, or even a couple summons that will give your shield new powers for a certain duration(like 60 secs) for every Perfect Block(i.e: your shield does a powerful shockwave that will push all enemies around you or just for damage). Instead of EP, it would require a charge bar to be filled as you beat enemies. In case developers don't feel like doing it because it would be a hell lot of trouble(just imagine having to create sprites for each card attack), they could do it for Boss cards only once/if they're implemented(there are only a few bosses, though). Once you learn how to properly use your cards you'll also have a new skill tree to slightly improve your summons.

2 - Angel's Thirst attack animation being visually improved as you get more cards and/or unlocking an exclusive sword skill only usable when Angel's Thirst is equipped and by you having collected enough cards to do so.

Certainly there are many cool ideas to come up with the card system. Considering how important cards are to the main plot, and how rare they are, I wish they would actually feel powerful to be collected.
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