Arcade Buff Statues


... are a little forgettable. No one really notices the buff the statues give them, unless it's the one that speeds up their movement. The fact that they're on a timer and run out while you're doing anything at all is a bit of a bummer. Changing exactly how they buff the character could be more helpful. Things like:

Imbue Pin - Select a pin to be removed and become permanently active for the character for the rest of the run, freeing up a slot. Or have the game choose one at random. (Maybe more a Big Goddess Statue prize?)

Energized - All attack (non-EP blocking/utility) skills require 25% less energy for the current floor + the floor after.

Speedster - Gain movement speed for the current floor + the floor after. (You really need to fix the 'can't climb Fairy Boss vine if sped up' bug if you go this route.)

Charity - Your next merchant purchase is free.

Defense - As above, for defense.

Finesse - As above, for attack/cast speed.

Strength - As above, for atk/matk.

Deflecting - As above, but your Perfect Guard window is increased a little bit.

Just having things last long enough to matter goes a long way, I think.


I definitely agree that it would be nice if they were active for the entire floor, or perhaps a set number of battle rooms. Having a buff run out because you're busy shopping feels a bit strange...


My suggested shrines are pretty generic and bland as well, in hindsight. But I do think the little statues could use changing somehow. They're just... so minor. The perfect guard window increasing one is fun, though.


Green Slime
True, personally I don't even bother using them in singleplayer. When I see the shrine, I just go back sad, that it wasn't a shady merchant/grindea's big statue. They are just working too short amount of time and I feel like it's just not worth my irl time to get this boost. When I play multiplayer, my friends usually collect the buff, but the only ones that are really useful for us are the S-rank healing one and the fast feet one. It would be much better if the buffs worked for certain amount of battlerooms/floors.