[Arcade Mode] [Gameplay] Vilya Boss Fight Second Mnt Bloom Floor

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by ChronyxFFS, May 6, 2018.

  1. ChronyxFFS

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    Killed the second floor boss in Mnt Bloom in Arcade Mode today but when Vilya reached 0 HP she just sits there now, Jerry and Terry are both still alive (see screenshot) and both of the gates stay closed.
    Eventually had to end run sadly enough because nothing happened at all.


    This happened on the Frontline Beta Version 0.780jojo.

    Also, it seems like you have to kill both Jerry and Terry during or after the fight to be able to continue, tried it in the Arena building back in the player town and there, after Vilya is defeated, they both jump back to the middle platform where you can fight them aswell. After that the gates do actually open again.

    Weird bug and now I'm pretty sad because it's the farthest I've ever gotten ^^;

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