Arcade Pins



Air Support - Rockets bombard the battlefield at random, dealing large damage to anything hit -- friend or foe. Lure enemies onto the (X) markers to ensure they get hit instead of you. (Flying Fortress-style rockets)
Slow and Steady - Being under any effect that adjusts your movement speed negatively (Honey, Slime, Ice, Egg Goop, Ice Skates while charging, Chill) boosts all your stats. (This could also just be a card effect, really. Maybe the Red Slime card, if you give it one.)
Dodgy Maneuver - The first attack that would deal damage to you in any room has a 100% Dodge rate.
Risque Maneuver - Each empty equipment slot you have increases #. (Gold drop rate? Item? Card? EXP?)
Bitter Brew - Stat potions now persist for the entire duration of the room you're in, but creates a slime puddle around the spot you consumed them that doesn't fade.
Daring Maneuver - Gain a % increase to stats for every 20% HP you're missing. Larger per 20% chunk lost.
Overcharged - Continuing to charge a spell for # seconds after it has charged to it's current max level increases it's power.
Buff Buffs - Gain a small increase to stats per buff spell currently active on character. (Haste, Barrier, etc)
Chosen Prey - The first enemy you inflict any damage on on a floor becomes your 'Chosen Prey' for that floor. All other enemies of the same type receive much greater damage. (Smack a green slime? Congrats, you have a bonus vs all green slimes until the next floor.)
Ticking Timebomb - Gain a stat boost per each time rank you lose on a room, for that room. (You moved into A-Rank time? Bonus. Moved into B-Rank time? Another bonus.)
Marked Shot - Hitting an enemy with an arrow makes your next attack against them more powerful / a guaranteed crit?

Johannes Joestar

Green Slime
Privacy: enemies very close to the player once a room has started are knocked away half-a-room distance and reduced to 50% health

Revolt: if a boss has underlings in that room, they turn against the boss and distract it until one of them (or the only one) is killed

Confidence: perfect guards makes nearby enemies take a few steps back

Last Resort: if players has already thrown their weapon with Titan's Throw and if under 7% hp, they can throw their shield as well

BBQ: enemies with "meat" (rabbys, boars, peckos etc.) drop really small health pick-ups when killed with fire magic

Deal with the Bishop: bosses start at 75% of their original health but player is blinded for X seconds (depending on boss difficulty)

Deforestation: all room hazards decay if player takes damage from one of them

Aid of Arcadia: last enemy remaining in a normal room has a chance to be swallowed by ground... or something

Sinner: you gain the ability to kill challenge room chickens to complete the challenge but their ghosts haunt you in a certain floor


Inner Energy - Begin each room with 0 energy, but your first skill used each room instantly charges to it's current max level and can be cast for free. (Perhaps a power boost, too?)

Outer Energy - Enemies you kill drop blue energy orbs that only you can see, and restore a portion of your energy.

Glue and String - The first time your shield breaks in a room, it is immediately restored to 50% Shield HP.

Shield Polish - The first thing to hit your shield in a room is always considered to be a perfect guard.

Shield Shrapnel - Enemy incurs heavy damage from breaking your shield with a melee attack.

Blessing of Winter - A random enemy when entering any room is Frozen.

Dueling Gauntlet - The final enemy alive in any non-boss room receives significantly more damage from melee attacks.

Phaseman Wandtech - Magic attack missiles that don't hit an enemy or surface now burst into short range projectiles at the end of their trajectory.

Cursed Pumpkin Spice - When you start a room, a circle of bats will briefly sweep through - capable of harming you and enemies.


Soul Survivor - The last enemy in each room becomes a elite with increased stats, gaining increased card, item and drop rates increased beyond the normal elite drop rates.

Sneak Peek - Until you press any button in a room, all enemies are locked in stasis. The score timer continues to count during this, though.

One For All - The first enemy you kill each floor will be removed from the spawn pool of all future rooms. But this will not decrease the number of enemies you face each room, the slack will be filled with the other enemies that can spawn. (I start to realize that for something like this -- and the previous one -- to work, I feel like only one player can have control over the parties badges, or whoever gets to the badge first gets to decide what to do with it. Letting everyone pick their own badges in multiplayer will invalidate a lot of badge options. Having to choose the best badges for the entire group seems like it'd add a layer of complexity.)

Collective Punishment - All enemies in a room no longer have an individual healthbar, but a boss healthbar at the bottom of the scree. All their healthpoints are added to this pool. Every enemy dies simultaneously when this reaches 0. (Good for builds that severely overkill enemies, maybe... or wailing on weaker enemies while avoiding the stronger ones. Maybe has a bonus buff, too?)


Fisher King - Every floor that can spawn a fishing hole, will spawn a fishing hole with additional time added to the clock.

Hello, Nurse - The first time you enter critical HP on a floor, a nurse will spawn at the end of battle. Assuming it is a normal room.

Mercant Card - Every floor will guaranteed spawn a shop, with a slightly larger stock than usual. Maybe these items are from a floor or two ahead?

Lood Magnet - Rooms that spawn with a Lood have a 50% chance to spawn an additional Lood.

Blood Money - Every floor guaranteed has a Blood Merchant.

Grindea's Grace - Every floor guaranteed has a Goddess statue - either small or large.

Draw Three - Immediately gain three random enemies cards that you do not already have. ('Sticky' card.)


Timeout - The first time your shield breaks in a room, every enemy is locked in Stasis.

Kamikaze Chicken - Each room begins with a chicken somewhere in it. Hitting the chicken makes it explode, dealing heavy AoE damage to nearby enemies.

Decoy Chicken - Each room begins with a chicken somewhere in it. This chicken can draw enemy aggro, like Frosty Friend.

Big Gulp - Potion effects are (doubled/tripled/quadrupled?)

Wild Magic - Become equipped with a 'Wild Magic' skill slot. At the start of each room this transforms into a random offensive magic spell that can be cast only once per room. The spell auto-charges to Gold and costs 0 EP, but casting it lowers your current max HP by 5%.

Hidden Talents - Immediately max out (3? 5?) random talents with no points currently in them. ('Sticky' pin - Once equipped, it won't come off.)

Bombastic - Enemies you defeat drop a bomb on death that explodes and damages other nearby enemies after several seconds.

Arriving In Style - Locations you Blink to create an explosion that knocks back nearby enemies.

Wildfire - A random enemy in the room is always on fire. If that enemy dies, another enemy begins to burn.

Inner Peace - While charging Focus you have a +25% Dodge rate.

Golem Friend - Every 5 seconds a golem fist bursts up at a random point in the room, knocking any enemy nearby into the air. (Earth Spike max skill, but just the fist.)

Buzzy Buddies - Any time you take damage, a single fly flies towards the source of the damage.

Manapool - Your max EP is tripled ... but it doesn't refill until you change rooms.

One-Hit Wonder - Your current and max HP are reduced to one. All your skills cost 0 EP. Removed on death. ('Sticky' pin. No cheesily keeping it in co-op!)

Impact - Your spells and skills animate slower, but gain more power.

Brainfreeze - Drinking a potion freezes a random enemy in the room.

Spellsword - An animated blade spins around the room at random. If it touches you it will do a spin attack, then vanish until the next room. (Max skill Blade Toss meets Windows Screen Saver bouncing around.)

Charging Up - Charging a skill at Bronze gives it a minor power boost. If you next charge a skill at Silver, it gains a much larger boost. If you next charge a skill at Gold, it gains a tremendous power boost.

Ball Pit - Begin each room with three randomly placed red-charge Smashballs. (Useless without Smash!)


Loodswarm - Spawns 5 random Loods in the room you're in. ('Sticky' pin.)

Natural Talent - Gain 5 Talent Orbs. ('Sticky' pin.)

Fortune Favors - Gain 5,000 gold. ('Sticky' pin.)

Emergency Care - Immediately gain 100 max HP, be healed to max HP. ('Sticky' pin.)

Weapon Mastery - Each floor you do not change your weapon, gain a bonus to ATK/MATK. Lose the bonus - and this pin - when you change your weapon.

Armor Mastery - Each floor you do not change your armor, gain a bonus to DEF. Lose the bonus - and this pin - when you change your armor.

Bounty Hunter - Elite enemies drop far more gold and items.

Elite-lite - Elite enemies start battle at 50% HP.


Green Slime
Adrenaline Shot - once per floor, after receiving fatal damage, you are healed back to 50% HP, gain invulnerability for 1.5 seconds, and ignore any status effects for that duration (slime, chill, etc). If you manage to survive the room, you lose 50 MaxHP from the traumatic experience (but you won't go below 100 MaxHP left).

Spacetime Distortion - Blinking on top of an enemy puts them into Stasis. Effect duration is increased by 50% per Blink Lag level.

The Bully's Guide - critical chance against Taunted enemies is increased by 50%, but damage dealt by them ignores your Defense and Dodge Chance.

Heavy Bow - arrow damage is tripled, but charging takes twice as much time and cannot fire unless charged.


What Doesn't Kill You - For every (4?) HP you lose, gain 1 max HP.

Topped Off - Spells cast while EP is full deal extra damage.

Lightning In A Bottle - Drinking a potion creates (an electric spark? a few Static Touch cubes?)

Recycled Bottles - Hey, there used to be some health potion in these! +1 max HP each time you drink a potion, provided you are not at C-Rank.

A Friend In Need - Whenever you enter Critical HP state for the first time in a room, gain a free Gold Charge, Perma-Enraged, Unkillable Frosty Friend for the room. Just being in Critical HP for future rooms doesn't count, you have to be hit into it.

Cold-Hearted Mercenaries - Gain a pair of Bronze Charge Frosty Friends that cannot die. Each time you clear a battle room they subtract 500 gold from you. If you don't have the gold to pay them, destroy this pin.

Undying Loyalty - Your Frosty Friend cannot die.

Skyquake - Whenever you (perfect guard? shield break?), rain down stalactites at random around the room that damage enemies. (Like Mt. Bloom's spinsect challenge room?)

Refreshing Tulip - A 'toxic tulip' starts in the middle of every combat room, firing off a single, pink spore cloud at a random point in the room every 10 seconds that lasts 10 seconds. Standing in this cloud buffs stats / hypercharges Energy Regen?

Matador - A special boar spawns in every battle room. It cannot be harmed, but it also cannot walk normally. The boar charges at you until it hits a wall, stuns itself, returns to normal and repeats this process. If the boar hits any enemy along the way, it deals massive damage - but don't get hit yourself.

Friendship Beams - Beams constantly connect you and Frosty Friend / Cloud Summon. Any enemies that are in the path of these beams get hurt. (Like two connected green Guardians. Alternatively, remove the summon synergy and just have a green Guardian drift around the room, connected to you via a beam.)

On Wings Of Magic - Gain double move speed while 'flying', such as when using Focus or Flamethrower.

Flamebroiled - The longer your Flamethrower lasts, the more damage it deals. (Alternatively, adds two additional flamethrowers left and right of where your character is facing?)

Spontaneous Combustion - 5% chance per second to explode, damaging all enemies around you.

Eyesplode - An Eye ball appears in front of you at the start of each combat room and will explode in 2-3 seconds. Smack it away to heavily damage enemies in the blast range. (Like the Eye boss's exploding friends.)

Cursed Cornucopia - Gain 5 items from 1-2 floors ahead, but lose your entire, current inventory save for your currently equipped weapon and shield upon equipping this pin.

Risk Reward - Gain two random items from many floors ahead. Your current HP is drained to 1 upon equipping this pin. (Hope you have health potions, a health orb or nurse.)

Uncharted Territory - Every floor now has one room that isn't shown on the map. Any room that could spawn on the current floor could be inside of it. Battle room? Fishing hole? Extra shop? Chest room? A boss encounter? A challenge? Go and see!

Fame and Fortune - Achieving an S-Rank awards gold. Each successive S-Rank you achieve awards slightly more gold than the last. Failing to achieve an S-Rank (removes the pin / resets the bonus?)

Emergency Maneuver - The first time you trigger Critical HP in a room, gain 100% dodge for 5 seconds. (As before, you have to heal above Critical HP to be trigger it again.)


Transformation Pins

Things like (but maybe not necessarily good ideas themselves)
1) Stop gaining EXP. After you kill 50 (100?) enemies, transform this into 'Gain 3 times EXP.'
2) After you lose 500 (1,000?) more HP, transform this into 'Gain 10% dodge chance.'
3) Your shield always instantly breaks if not a perfect guard. After you perfect guard 10 times (once per room), transform into 'Perfect guards always trigger many other shield special effects at once. (Solem Shield, Winter Shield, Camera Shield, Energy Shield, etc)
4) You have -200 defense. After you clear 10 battle rooms, transform this into 'Instantly spawn the full Crab Armor Set. (Helmet, armor, shield) If you die, this pin breaks.'
5) You no longer regenerate EP. After you clear 5 battle rooms, transform this into 'You regenerate EP 3 times faster.' If you die, this pin breaks.
6) All spells, skills and utilities instantly deplete EP to 0 on cast. After you clear 10 battle rooms, transform this into 'All non-EP-blocking abilities cost 50% EP.' If you die, this pin breaks.
Maybe all Transformation pins (pre-transformation) should be sticky and just break on death to avoid multiplayer cheese.

Random pins

1) The first spell of each element you cast per room gains a power boost. Or,
2) If you've cast a spell from all four elements in a room, they all gain a huge power boost...?
3) Elemental Mastery - One random elements spells receive an EP cost reduction and damage increase. Apply this pin to see which one!
4) Exceeding Talent - When a Talent is maxed, consider it to have (1-2?) extra points in it.
5) Familiar Prey - If you have an enemies card, gain an enormous damage bonus against it.
6) Ambush - The first non-boss enemy you attack each room with your basic attack dies instantly.

Pin-trigger ideas

Whenever you kill an enemy...
Whenever you kill an elite...
Whenever a lood dies...
Whenever you 100% clear a floor...
Whenever you use a targeted skill (Meteor, Earthspike, Sword Toss, etc) do an additional effect at the target location?

Power-Hungry Pin Merchant

This merchant doesn't want your gold, or your max HP. This merchant wants to trade power for power. Trade 3 Silver Points or 3 Talent Points for a random pin, or 1 Gold Point for a random Sticky Pin. Limit one of each per PHPM room.


Manafrenzy - If you do not have enough EP to cast an ability, the remainder dips into your health total. Every point of health used increases ability damage. (Tricky one to use! How much HP are you willing to spend? Synergy with healing pins.)

Blueblooded - For every (15? 20? 25?) HP you successfully heal, gain 1 max EP.

Butterfingers - Basic attacks fling your weapon in the direction you're facing, like Sword Toss. Pick it up to create an explosion around yourself, otherwise it will return in 10 seconds. (To avoid having to draw grounded-weapon assets for all the 1H weapons, maybe have it display just a circle icon with a sword in it.)

Energy Surge - For the first 3 seconds in a room, your current EP does not deplete.

Black Out The Sun - Your quiver capacity is limited to 5. After you kill (20? 50?) enemies with arrows, Transform into 'Your quiver capacity is increased 99 and you gain 10 arrows per battle room.'

Marksman - Arrows inflict 'Bleed' status effect on a target, increasing it's damage taken from ALL sources by 5%. Stacks up to 100% per enemy, if it is hit by 20 arrows.

Toxic Touch - Merely touching non-boss enemies with your character (bumping into them) poisons them, draining 1% of their max HP per second until they die.

Concealed - Every so often a black circle will appear and disappear in the room at random. While in this circle all enemies immediately stop chasing you and return to idle animations.

Thousand Cuts - 5% of your max health is drained from your current health per battle room, but this cannot inflict lethal damage. Boost all stats. This pin is removed on death.

Elemental Missile - After casting a spell, your next missile gains an added effect based on the element used. Earth inflicts Stun/Heavy Knockback?, Fire inflicts Burning, Ice inflicts Chill/Freeze and Air inflicts Charged - shocking an enemy once a second for several seconds. If using a 2H magic weapon, this is inflicts on every enemy hit by the wave.

Fluctuating Ferocity - Your damage becomes less consistent. Each battle room you clear, your minimum damage range is lowered by 1% and your maximum damage range is raised by 2%, up to a minimum and maximum of 0% to 300%. (Alternatively, just immediately set it to minimum damage range 50% maximum 200% on pin equip.)

Fleetfooted - You can now move as fast you normally can while charging abilities.

Shieldshare - (10%?) of all damage taken is transferred to your shield's HP, if it is not broken.

Roast Chicken - After being reduced to Critical HP for the first time in a room, transform into a chicken for up to 20 seconds. Rain down meteors at random around the room.

Your GP or your HP - Provided you have the money, 20% of damage received is instead dealt to your gold, multiplied by (10?)


Banishing - Any enemies that did not start in the room (beehive bees, gate crystal summons, gauntlet waves, boss adds) take more damage.

Fleetfooted - You are no longer slowed down by floor effects. Slime, Ice, Honey, etc. You additionally gain some attack/cast speed while on these terrains.

Resist Environment - You can walk through fire trails, into blizzards, over mushroom spores, into poison clouds and across acid trails for up to a second without being affected by them.

Prize Winnings - Every battle room is a gauntlet, but additional waves offer no experience or rewards. After 10 gauntlet rooms, Transform into 'Enemies drop twice as much loot.' (Double gold, double drops, double essence, drop two random pieces of gear instead of 1.)

Lifeforce - Each basic attack removes a little bit of your life, but not below Critical HP range. Basic attacks and on-hit effects are empowered. (Things that drain your life don't count towards damage. Given all the healing pins in Arcade, I'd love to see plenty of Pins that use HP as a resource.)

Arcadia Stuff

New Perk - Pinhead: After you clear floor 1, gain a random pin. (No end-run cheesing until you get a good one. :naniva:)


Bok Block - After you hold shield for (5? 7? 10?) seconds in a row, and your shield has damage on it, transform into a chicken for 5 seconds.

Escape Maneuver - After you hold shield for 5 seconds in a row, and your shield has damage on it, generate a weak explosion around yourself that severely pushes away surrounding enemies. (Knockback akin to Smash.)

Now You See Me - After you hold shield for 5 seconds in a row, and your shield has damage on it, Blink ahead the farthest Blink-able distance in the direction you're facing.

Shield Slam - Boost damage based on the difference between your shields current HP and Max HP, if is not broken entirely.

Boss Rush - Bosses have 20% less maximum HP.

Restoration - Repair all broken pins, remove all Sticky pins but keep their effects. On equip, Transform into 'Gain +1% to all stats.'


Hunted and the Hunter - Increase all stats, but... (Every second that passes per battle room is a 1% chance that an Echo of Madness will swoop in for an attack on you, similar to the Blade of Madness. This attack deals 9999 damage if it connects. It can only appear once per room. Enjoy your jumpscare run!) (Remove pin on death.)

Battle Frenzy - Each time you take damage, gain damage for the current room.

Blinding Rage - Your vision gradually shrinks over time. The smaller your vision, the greater bonus to damage you have. Deal damage to enemies to gradually expand your vision. (As with Evil Eye blue eyes.)

Circle of Power - Battle rooms begin with a golden circle somewhere inside of them. Get inside of it before it closes to gain a boost for the room.

Yellow-Bellied - Battle rooms will occasionally begin with a yellow chicken inside of them. If you attack any enemy it will vanish. But if you attack it first, make it vanish and give this pin a stacking +10 ATK/MATK.

Success From Suffering - Gain a boost for each debuff you're under. Slow, blind, slowing terrain, etc.

Transformation - Buff all stats. You lose the ability to apply skill or talent points. Every battle room change everything. Your appearance, your potions and your talents/skills. Each room you also gain a number of skills at certain charge levels determined by your current level along with a maxed utility skill, and a random number of talents are maxed depending on your level.


Staff member
Hunted and the Hunter - Increase all stats, but... (Every second that passes per battle room is a 1% chance that an Echo of Madness will swoop in for an attack on you, similar to the Blade of Madness. This attack deals 9999 damage if it connects. It can only appear once per room. Enjoy your jumpscare run!) (Remove pin on death.)

"Hello, son. I'm writing today to tell you how proud I am." - Satan

(I kind of like it though :naniva:)


Black Market - Every shop is improved! (Bows can be upgraded without cooldown, if you have the gold. There is a nurse in every shop. Merchants sell gear from several areas ahead. Only those with this pin can make use of these services.) (Sticky pin.)

At What Cost - Double your current and max HP, including future HP gained from level ups and cards. Every attack you suffer deals damage to current and max HP. (Sticky pin.)

Backseat Fairy - Every so often an annoying fairy will pop up with advice to give on how to handle the current situation. That action is buffed! (Naniva's tip boxes show up, but only show symbols. If she shows a bow and arrow, arrows do more damage while they're displayed. Same for a 1H sword, 2H sword, fire, air, earth and ice icons, receiving their own respective buffs to skills/spells/basic attacks.)


1) Deal significantly higher damage against the last non-boss enemy that damaged you.

2) Become more powerful on the last floor you perished on. (Alternatively, this would make a great Treat.)

3) Deal more damage against plant-based enemies and bosses.

4) All slimes are passive to you (like Normal Rabby's) until they receive damage. (Or until -any- slime in the room takes damage?)

5) Ghostbusting Pin: Deal more damage against possessed/spiritual/spectral enemies. (Ghosty, Haunty, Echo of Madness?, Statue?, Captain Bones, Pirates, Pirate Wizards.)

6) Mini-Jumpkin. You get Candy's baby Jumpkin, which acts like a weak, basic Frosty Friend that chomps enemies.

7) Chests now award pins instead of items.

8) All ? rooms are now Large Goddess Statue rooms, but you no longer get health orbs at the start of floors. (Sticky pin.)

9) Every battle room contains a Lood, but failure to kill the Lood before it flees inflicts 100 damage onto everyone.


1) Refund all skill points. Any skill or utility you have used this run is locked for the remainder of the run. Gain +1 Silver and Gold Point per 2 floors beaten of the current run, minimum 1. (Sticky Pin. Basically forced to abandon your entire build if you want a bunch of gold points.)

2) Refill and instantly quaff all non-health potions at the start of each room.

3) Interest. Gain +25% of your current gold at end of each floor.


Not full ideas, just setups.

1) You can no longer gain cards, but...? (Sticky pin)
2) For each card you have and later acquire, gain...? (Synergy: Super Elites + Gain 3 Cards)
3) For each room you leave unvisited when leaving a floor, gain...?

And a few full pin, I guess.

1) Begin each battle room with a lightning orb. For each unique pin you have equipped this run, it lasts one second longer. (Heavily incentivizes swapping through pins.)
2) Poacher - Finishing an enemy off with an arrow or arrow-effect pin gives increased gold, item and card drop rate for that enemy.