Green Slime

after our long journey of searching for a new challenge ;)...
long story short:
i would like to suggest some kind of a arcade-versus-mode:
-you play in split screen so u can see what the other players are doing
-each floor has the same rooms with the same enemies for each player
-after the first one clears the room, the others get
A) random Death-challenge, like regeneration, double dmg etc...
B) death-challenge-penalty: elite monsters​
maybe with some kind of timedelay for the challenge/penalty

to make it more playable for players with different skill, some kind of handicap, like 1 player gets 120% enemy HP

what do u think? =)

Sounds like a fun mode! :)

An alternative would be going through an area, doing a PvP match, then going through the next followed by another PvP match, repeat until one player got 2 victories or something.


There's lots of great handicaps that would fit into this. Covering half of a room with mushrooms, is an example.


Green Slime
They could launch the pvp of the story mode soon!


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