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    Hello! I'm playing the game by making a new save file to bring back old play memories and have fun again, while also checking the translation.

    In this article, I would like to report bugs (things that look like), translation errors, etc. that I found while playing. If I find a new problem, I'll edit this post and add it. If you think it's okay to just write a new post, let me know in the comments!

    Okay, now from Startington to Mt bloom.


    During the split the bill quest, Santa eats a truffle and splits into mini-Santas. But the main Santa seems to still remain jolly, so to speak (see left of my character in the photo).


    During the festival, there is a house in the lower right corner of the city. You cannot enter the house during the festival, but the lower door is shown open. Still can't get in, though.

    20220818210536_1.jpg 20220818210545_1.jpg 20220818210558_1.jpg

    This is a picture I took while using the Korean patch I made. In the Punching Bag part during the festival, the Dojo kid's lines are not displayed properly. It seems to be applied normally in the translation tool, and the quests are also output normally, so there seems to be a problem in the dialogue part of the strength game. I wonder if other translations have this same problem.


    This is the part in Mount Bloom where I have to surprise Steve by taking the mushroom monster to enter the cave. There is a setting that Steve is afraid of mushrooms. Originally, you can take a purple mushroom monster and surprise him, but if you combine it with the alchemist's quest, the mushroom monsters will be replaced with hot red mushroom monsters. Steve didn't react when those red mushroom monsters were in front of him.
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