Colored Character Borders For Multiplayer


Green Slime
I don't know if this subject has been breached before, or if this particular solution has been proposed, but I have been playing this game with a group of three other friends, and as we've gotten further into the game we've had more and more instances where one or all of us end up running into hit boxes as a result of entirely losing sight of our characters. The most glaring example so far was in the battle with the Cursed Priestess. Whenever she warped all of us close to her, we would often lose our bearing, since we were all suddenly in such close proximity to one another, and were all trying frantically to evade the whirling projectiles.

I think if players had the option to select colored borders to outline their characters, it might make it easier to tell your own character apart from those of your friends, and it might be easier to tell a mass of player characters apart from the bad things that are trying to hurt you.