[Crash] Extreme Lag in the Bishop Fight with Proton

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Quadellupine, Oct 11, 2021.

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    First of all, I could not figure out if I am supposed to report issues that occur while using Proton with Linux. If not I apologize. This bug occurred on all versions of Proton I could install and get to run via Steam(which includes the current experimental, 4.2-9, 6.3-7 and 5.13-6). I also tried this on Stable and Frontline.

    The Bishop fight in Pillar Mountains has extreme lag for me. Whenever a lot of Bishops are on screen and especially when they throw projectiles, the game sometimes freezes for up to 30 seconds. I could not record a significant spike in resource usage (GPU, CPU and RAM stayed at the normal usage levels). I could record a video and upload it if that would help at all.

    I'm on Kernel 5.10 Stable Manjaro Linux. I use a GTX 1080 with 470 proprietary Nvidia drivers and an i7-6700K. I experienced only minor stutters at best in any other fights and areas of the game, so this doesn't seem normal to me. I labeled this as a Crash because it seemed to be the best category, but the game doesn't actually crash.

    Thanks for making such a great game, I'm having a lot of fun with it!
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    Hey, thanks for the report!

    Proton is really quite a magnificent undertaking, and it's great that it lets Linux players run the game surprisingly well!

    However, it's maintained by Valve themselves, so unfortunately I can't be of much help in fixing this kind of issue (I've been able to provide workaround for shader-related crashes before, but I probably can't help with a slowdown like this) :(

    To report an issue to Valve, you can check their GitHub page for Proton here:


    That said, you could certainly record a video and post it here and with some luck maybe I can spot something! If nothing else, perhaps I can help with formulating the issue for a formal Proton issue post.

    Shooting from the hip: could it be that the lag spikes occur when the Bishops disappear?

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