[Crash] ...while trying to translate Dialogues

Hey there,

while trying to translate the new dialogues, the dialogue tool keeps crashing when selecting untranslated lines or IDs. This goes for almost all new dialogues in Winterland and the Season Temple.


However, I could translate all of the new strings in the Misc Tool.

Heres a link to my dialogue tool folder, so you can check it out (theres always the possibility that it's only a problem with my PC, but I hope not):


Have fun :X


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I update the tools again, and they should work properly with the new lines now! The tool got mightily confused when it found a character it recognized, but with a mood it didn't know.

The new tools can be found here!
Awesome. Now I can witness the translation power of this fully armed and operational translation tool!

May the 4th be with you!
Same procedure as with every patch! Does this remind you of something?


It's the second line we're talking about and it's apparently a line that was flagged for retranslation, so something might have gone wrong there (or it's just the same problem as before). I can post the crash log if you need it :O