Each pet could have different bonus


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What if each pet had a unique passive bonus that would it nice to have but not make a huge difference or make one pet the best, but still makes pets more interesting from an RPG standpoint?

Having the slime in your team could increase the item pickup a little, rabby could increase walking speed or luck (because of the rabbit feet ^^) and the jumpkin maybe a small area, where you or he deals poison dmg? just really small.

Just an idea, but i think when chosen carefully it could make the pets more interesting in addition to their cuteness.
I thought about it because i normally dont have a pet with me, because the leveling takes far too lang to be usefull even in the slightest. A frozen friend is more of a help and even a little cuter :3

Rabby --> Faster Movement
Slime --> Bigger Item Pickup Radius
Jumpkin --> ??


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This idea has come up before and seems to be popular in other games (Ragnarok Online I'm looking at you)! It does seem cool on many levels, however, there is one flaw with this system for me personally: most likely there will always be a passive bonus I think is the best for my current character, and that skill may not belong to pet I think is the cutest. Being forced to choose between which skill I want vs which pet I want makes me sad :(

Maybe we could look into having quest lines or other ways of upgrading your pets in general, either giving them all a small boost upon completion or giving you a choice to 'equip' your pet with a/multiple different boosts? It's just brainstorming for now, though. It all depends on what the majority feels is the best, for all I know I may be the only player in the world who doesn't like to abandon the cutest pet for a more useful one!


I agree with Vilya. A pet shouldn't be chosen because of the passive, but giving them a possible passive tree would be cool...


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I think you're right about that, but i also dont want an increase of attack speed of 1 for feeding my pet 200 carrots that i got after 3 hours of playing. I think that the slow leveling and the amount of xp the specific items give is good, but i dont care for an increased attack speed of 1. With two Rings that give +5 on atkspeed i didn't notice it a big deal.
(The crit + is the only thing i felt useful)
Edit: with a total castspeed of +15 i can see a significant difference

Maybe the stats that can be level should be different. Then it wouldn't be pet specific, but still more interesting.

Maybe something like pet equip?
I wanted to say collar and then i imagined the slime und jumpkin with a collar XD
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