'Ello ello! I'm Zeffy, just joined today. :)

Favorite element?

  • Earth! Rocks and plants and BZZZ!

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  • Air! Shocking isn't it? (PS, why is it called Air when all three skills are electric based!?)

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Green Slime
I figured I should make a forum account so I could properly take advantage of all the tips and info here.

I've actually had this game for years in my library, and am finally getting around to progressing through it.
It's definitely a ton of fun, looking forward to a (hopefully) full release. I see it's been in development for a

I'm going through this with a partner and we've just beaten the Toy Factory. Luke is hilarious and way relatable. My partner has to do the puzzles. :p
Can't wait to see more of the story but we're having too much fun over-leveling and farming pet items.

Experimenting with builds is fun, I don't know how many times I've reset my skills now. Currently I've been enjoying max Frosty, a single gold pointed Cloud, lv5 Ice Nova, and lv2 Static. I have 2 utility skills, max Empower and lv2 Focus. I only have 41 EP to work with at level 23, so I supplement with max Wand Master, and Manaburn. With this setup I can keep my buff up for more summon damage, use Nova twice, do okayish damage with my basic projectiles and physical attacks (Manaburn/Static) until I can use Nova again. It seems like a decent rotation to work with. I'm not sure how level capping works, but I'm hoping to eventually max out the Ice and Air skills.

I want to be zappy cold!


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Welcome :D
You also might want to take a look into the Discord, as the chatting is very active there.