[English / Japanese] More Info Mod


Green Slime
Hi, I released More Info Mod for English and Japanese!
This Mod adds details about Special Effects, Pins, Talents and Skills.
And the icecream shop will give you more information in Arcade Mode.

It was hard work to verify the effects, especially Pins :(
Anyway, Enjoy SoG with this MOD! :)


Adds discriptions about Special Effect.
Adds specific examples for some Talents.
Adds ASPD and CSPD Effects for some Skills.
Corrects an incorrect description.
Corrects spelling inconsistencies that I found.
(e.g. Normal Attack/Basic Attack , recover/restore , LV/level/Level)

Arcade Mode

Assigns a number to all Pins. We can now discuss Pins more easily.
Adds details. (e.g. Arrows cast Meteor on hit. Damage = 100% Avg.ATK)
-Buff Shrine
Displays buff effects instead of flavor text.
-Icecream Shop
You can know flavor effects before you eat.



Green Slime
Summer Sale on Steam!
So I have updated this Mod for new players. :)

Added tips. (Titan'sThrow/FrostyFriend/SummonPlant/Reaper'sBlade/Focus)

Added tips. (BattleMage/Prismatic/UtilityFlow)

Added usage info for Misc Items. It will be easier to know which items you should not sell.
(e.g. GreenGoo Usage: Event(50), Craft(50/80) )

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