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Should there be Equipable skills you can use instead of a Shield?

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  1. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    What about an evadeskill instead of a shield? for the shieldequip of course.
    In case you made a succesfull evade also like perfect guard next hit is a crit.

    I tought about something like a smart teleport which asks for a direction key and ports you a little into the direction key you pressed. Or a diveroll.
    THose Skills/Equipables should also cost EP for using or SHieldHP in that case.

    Would make the variety of the Playstiles more variable.

    What do you think about this?
  2. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    i think this i neat and vote for it, but i see people confused, when they can't go past a secret that you need a shield for
  3. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    Hmm i think if a secret you need a shield for appears its a probably somehow confusing you a right with that one.
    But i think thats a solvable thing and the fighting styles would increase in a awesome way, because evading instead of shielding is a complete other style :D
  4. Saiffer

    Saiffer Green Slime

    I agree with this. I would very much appreciate a dodge as an alternative.
    That being said, there IS that one handed sword skill that allows you to dodge. Having to charge after dodging makes this not a viable option however, as you get terribly slowed down. If something would allow you to walk normal speed while charging, then it would make this skill awesome.
  5. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    Yeah i tought the difference between doging and shield could be shield costs shielhp when you got hit and the dodge costs shield/Evade hp when you use it.
    Maybe the you can use it twice before a shieldbreak/burnout and then you need to slowly recover Evadehp but if you only use it once then you can wait a short bit then it recovers the evade hp faster.
  6. Aurophobia

    Aurophobia Halloweed

    This would negate the use of dodge strike...as if its really used anyway.
    So instead...why not invest a point into dodge strike right now? Since you want it to cost EP anyway. And in what situations has just normal running not worked? If it's about invuln-frames, then just perfect guard and keep running. An "alternative" shouldn't supersede the other option.
  7. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    I want the dodge skill instead of a shield because I think that would fit my 2handed play better. I like being mobile on the battle field and the current shielding isn't fitting my style. I feel like a tank with the shield and tanking isn't something that I enjoy. Being a ninja is my dream and every game that fulfills that can title themselves as some of the best games I've played. :D
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  8. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    It has to have some benefits and some special negations to shielding so that its not a choice of performance it should be a choice of playstyle.
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  9. Donald

    Donald Rabby

    Options are good, Im having so much trouble not writing an essay on how id like the skills to function. Haha.
  10. Momizi

    Momizi Rabby

    dodge strike works well for an evadeskill
    you even get bonus damage for evading
  11. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    Yeah but dodgestrike is designed as an attack.
    Maybee but i dont think that the dodgestrinke/counterattack would be useless IF there would be an implementation of a Evadeskill which uses its own stamina.

    Dodgestrike is an offensive way of Dodging and you ONLY dodge to attack. There isnt even an option to dodge and NOT attack.
    What i tought of was an dogde that costs Shieldhp and i think it would make battleing more smoth for players which dont want to block.

    Also blocking would have the advantage that on perfect guard you have the enemie in front of you and in case of boars, bees etc they are stunned for some frames.
    The evade dont does that. The enemie can pursue after you evaded an attack so you need to be good in positioning with your evadeskill.

    And no i dont want it to have Invincibleframes. I think it should work like a real evade which isnt interuptable but its faster than walking, costs shieldhp and if you get hit while evading you lose hp.
  12. Aurophobia

    Aurophobia Halloweed

    With Dodgestrike, You can dodge with it and shield cancel, or change the direction of the attack.
  13. Schattenphoenix

    Schattenphoenix Green Slime

    There would be a way to implement dodging as alternative...
    Use dodge with a shield anyway, as in double tapping a direction.
    In the first moment you got a perfect guard style bonus, which enables you to use dodge strike.

    On the same step i would remove dodge strike and replace it with a move, that doesnt alter your position or repositions you to the point you dodged from, using some kind of aoe damage and is only usable after doding (and maybe blocking), gaining a high bonus from a perfect dodge (or block).
  14. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    Yeah i liked the dogdestrike at first but after some playing with him i found out that it is nearly useless...
    One direction to evade and simply a weak attack so i can also instead of using it just perfect guard and use a insta charged spell for that, which is far more efficent (or a skill) just try using a full charged piercing dash against that evade attack and youll see what i mean, plus it is difficult to evade a advanced enemie but perfect guarding them isnt as evil.

    The effiencie of the evade attack is not very good because you just make a hop back and by attacking charge into a direction you chose. But the evasion should be possible to be chosen also.

    Because if i have one enemie in front and one in the back and they are charging me this skill is useless unless you could evadejump to the sides also.

    And even with a proper evade attack you should not underestimate the advances a equipable evademove instead of a shield could have.

    Evading has its own advantages and disadvantages as:
    Disadvantages of evading.
    - if you evade you dont interrupt a enemies attack.
    - if you evade you can get hit (if you evade into an attack) <= not possible when shielding an attack.
    -slaying bees is much more difficult.

    Advantages of Evading
    -you have a better way of positioning in battle.
    -you can move quicker on the battlefield.
    -through the evasive playstyle also some new types of players occure which are not tanky but nor mage.(thief classes which are more based on criticals and agility).

    In my opinion there are some playstiles already which can be categoriced in some stereotypes.

    First of all the playstyle

    Player which isnt as tanky and will try to rangekill enemies or to insta kill them before the possibility of getting hit occures.

    Player which runs into enemies and based on stunning attacks, knockback and skills he interrupts the enemies attacks for dont getting hit.

    uses both

    Second is the attacktype.

    Uses One or twohanded skills to kill

    Uses magical skills to kill (obviously)

    Uses teammates to kill (supports them via Auras and whatever)

    Uses both.

    THird is depending on the stat build.

    Damage dealer.
    Putting all into stats like more Atk or Matk

    Putting all into EP, EP regeneration.

    Putting all into HP and def.

    Putting all into luck and agility.

    The thief class would definitly be cooler if there were a evade based on the equipped evade skill and his agility, and the shield could then be based on the def and the shield which is equipped.
  15. KalmTraveler

    KalmTraveler Rabby

    +1 becouse more options are always great, but i guess there are way more important things now.
  16. Schattenphoenix

    Schattenphoenix Green Slime

    Just in case you didnt know, dodge strike works wonders against gundam and phaseman...
    You can easily dodge through all these balls
  17. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    Yeah but there is no real need to dodge these bullets. You can simply walk around them.
    And the benefit of the Slash by succesful dodging is by those two in the most situations useless.
  18. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy Rabby

    Maybe it could replace dodging strike and just have the dodge. But in the direction you're pointing... not the opposite of the direction you're pointing.

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