Evil Eye VERY difficult

Gina Bingham

Green Slime
I have been stuck on Evil Eye for a week. My significant other who plays Dark Souls and game like that has also tried and we can't beat him.
Which really sucks because I LOVE this game. I have been playing/following Secrets of Grindea for over 5 years and I get so excited when a new area gets added, but I'm beyond frustrated because I can't progress in the game now.

I feel like he is overpowered compared to other bosses. Yes, the Cursed Priestess was hard but she was beatable (it may have took a day but beatable). Evil Eye is just too much!! He has the most health of any boss, he limits visual with all the eyes that spawn around the room, and just for him the mechanic of fire has changed (you can't run through it like all the other fire so far).

I think he either needs to be dulled down a bit so he is more beatable (lower his health and/or change/delete some of the area affects) or he needs to be optional and there needs to be another way to progress.

I'm sorry for a big long rant but I'm just really sad because I love this game so much and now I can't play it because I can't get passed this one boss.


Out of curiosity, did you equip the skull ring that you get immediately before Evil Eye? The one that gives you -200 defense?

If that isn't the problem:

- If you're on Hard, go to Normal.
- Craft Crab Shields. +15 defense right off the bat.
- A Crab Armor or Crab Helmet may help as well, if they wouldn't lower your damage.
- If one of you max out Barrier and cast it every 20 seconds, a lot of damage will be negated.