Feedback on items and monsters


Green Slime
  • Blade of Echoes is just bad game design, it's honestly not fun using the weapon, even if it has good stats, the downside just makes it uninteresting to use. A change to the item that would make the item more interesting is to have the Echo of madness able to hit both the player and the enemies, that would make the item more interesting and a lot more rewarding to use.
  • Chicken potion: Honestly the game lacks ways to speed up your character, the one thing that bothered me, was how slow the character moves and while that is also part of game balance, I felt like the chicken potion would be the best way to solve the problem. The potion could speed up the player movement speed and the obvious downside of the potion would be that you are a chicken and can't do anything other than moving.
  • Weapons in general seem a bit of a missed opportunity, there is so much room to make a lot of interesting weapons that are maybe infused with an element(fire, ice, poison, lightning), also there is a severe lack of wands and staves, hopefully that will change when the game is fully released
  • Boars - Honestly they shouldn't be able to change the direction of their long charge, I thought I had outsmarted the boar that was preparing a long charge, by going behind it, surprise surprise, the boar did a 180° turn in a single frame and killed me.