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Summary: This patch adds the final two floors, new event rooms and some adjustments to Arcade Mode - now it's full focus on Story!

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Update Description


Note: Apart from missing sounds, this Frontline update should be mostly stable!

About the patch

This update puts an end to all Arcade Mode-related work before release, introducing the Desert and Ghost Ship floors, as well as a load of new Event Rooms, revamped challenge-rooms, more perks, and more stuff that can happen during runs!

Finishing a run now awards players with Golden Essence which can be used to purchase rewards, both power-ups and cosmetic! After the run has "finished", the player can also fight a final battle against two different bosses - the one waiting after a finished Three Catalyst run is an entirely new boss that's unique to the mode.

Next Up: We're going to help the cavelings with the Cinema, and then turn our full focus to finishing Story Mode. The Stable-version of this update will land when the sound design to fall into place!



  • The two final floors have been added to Arcade Mode
  • Beating all Arcade Mode floors now provides many extra rewards, as well as a final battle for the Catalyst
  • A unique final-final Arcade Mode boss can be encountered if beating the mode with three Catalysts activated
  • Nine new types of ?-rooms has been added to Arcade Mode
  • The Arcade Mode challenge-room pool has been revamped
  • Arcade Mode now has its own map
  • Experimental change to new network API for Steam
  • The Arcade Mode shop and most event rooms now has unique looks
  • Vastly improved load times when travelling between zones, especially ones already visited during session
  • In regular challenge rooms, damage taken no longer reduce health or score
  • The player can no longer attempt to brute-force themselves into Pine's office
  • Taking a photo in a Arena Boss Rematch now shows a bag tip explaining the failure
  • Salmon can now be caught in the Pillar Mountain ponds in Arcade Mode!
  • Arcade Mode Shrine Buffs now last the entire floor, and have more powerful effects
  • Enemies in the Temple of Season Gauntlets in Arcade Mode no longer counts as true elites, reducing their item drop rates
  • The Crabby's 'charge up'-sound is now louder
Bug Fixes
  • The game no longer crashes when trying to read the dragon puzzle inscription after solving it without the translation tome
  • When a client drops an item, that item no longer uses the host as its spawn-position
  • A poorly timed skip of the Desert Rose cutscene no longer puts the main character in a locked animation
  • The Butterflown quest can now be skipped if the character has completed it in multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug where spinning autumn knights would occasionally leave behind hurtboxes after being killed mid-spin
  • The Throw-skill's damage should now be properly modified by Pins
  • It should no longer be possible to get two pins of the same type, even on the run pins are unlocked
  • Plant Summons now follow their owner in and out of Twilight, attacking ghosts correctly
  • In the rare event that two pins are collected simultaneously, they are now equipped separately
  • The 'Blink casts Ice Nova'-pin now works properly on clients
  • When entering a cutscene, the Frosty Friend UI will disappear if up
  • Clients should now see the game over screen after dying on floor 1 with a timeshift crystal active


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Green Slime
Teddy, why you focused on the arcade before the main story? Don't you think that focusing on the story woud be better to everyone that already bought the game ? I don't care about the delay between patches, but seeing you guys focusing on the arcade instead of the story bothers a little, I believe that it bothers the majority of people, why you choosed to do this in that way? Is there a particular reason?


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Teddy, why you focused on the arcade before the main story?

It was a combination of several reasons! But the biggest is how the ebb-and-flow of development usually is for us. After the patch that added catalysts to Story Mode, we needed to nail down a lot of design work on the final tower, and by adding stuff to Arcade Mode (where we mostly use stuff that have been made for Story Mode already) we could make progress on the game as a whole while still doing planning for Story Mode.

It can seem that we "prioritized" Arcade Mode, and it's true that this update has more unique Arcade Mode-stuff and took longer to get out there than we had hoped (like always :( ), but we did the focus switch so that everyone could have something to work with. Now we have a clear picture of what we want for the finale of the game, and can go in that direction well prepared!

I totally get that it feels a bit frustrating for the players only interested in Story Mode to see an Arcade Mode-only patch, and I've been very eager myself to shift full-focus to Story, but doing it this way just made more sense from the perspective of reaching Version 1.0 sooner and with better results