Game died, deleted character


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We sent you a reply to the e-mail last Friday! Unfortunately this is a bug that has happened a few times to random unlucky people, and we're currently experimenting with a fix that we think will stop it from happening again.

We apologize for the inconvenience of what happened, hopefully it won't happen again after the next big patch :(


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I've uploaded a hotfix for the Stable build which should hopefully stop the issue from occurring there. Sadly, save files that have already been lost can't be recovered even after the fix :(


Green Slime
I bought the game last week and downloadex, character Slot 2 gets deleted when the game crashed during gameplay if "Save and Quit" is not performed. Has happened twice in the past 3 days. No longer using Character Slot 2 because of this.

Edit: p.s. both cases happened due to an Alt+Tab Video/Graphics crash bug in fullscreen "Yes".