[Gameplay?] Bad highscore overwrites good one

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Yesterday Brack and I were doing some Arcade mode, and at no point did we beat my highscore that I got with someone else a while back. Today, apparently my highscore doesn't exist and I can update it to this terrible one. The only thing done differently is this was a run where he hosted, as oppose to me hosting all the other times (but not including the run where I got the big highscore, if I remember correctly). I submitted it and it bunks me down the leaderboards :/ Great.



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Have you confirmed that the score has, in fact, been deleted from the leaderboards?

When a score is uploaded to Steam, the leaderboard rejects the score if it's lower than the current one (unless you specify otherwise, which we don't)

It could be that the game couldn't fetch your old score for some reason, and thus gave you the option to upload one

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I guess it could be that. It's probably understandable when you have 367 ping. Maybe, incase anyone else gets a lag spike (and that was the cause,) it should attempt to check the leaderboards for a bit longer? Bear in mind my score is now down the bottom and (for the moment at least) stays down the bottom, as it's probably overwritten my better one. I'm not sure how your database works and if it's still in there somewhere, but it looks like it's been overwritten.


A while back? How far back? The leaderboards were wiped a while ago.

Speaking of high scores, I was happy to see a new contender on the 1P highscores list. Nobu Hideaki. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to believe he's achieved that with no S-Rank achievements. :(

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The leaderboards were wiped a while ago.
Now you say it, I'm pretty sure I did that highscore run before the leaderboard wipe. In that case, it's the same bug as I found a while ago - that you need to beat your highscore on the old leaderboard before you can submit a score to the new one. I guess him hosting solved that issue! :p