[Gameplay] Can't submit score to new leaderboard

The G-Meister

Giga Slime
Seen as I've been gone for a while, I came back to try and get on the new leaderboards out of sheer boredom, and even though I have no score on the new leaderboard, I didn't get an option to submit my score to steam, as it was lower than my previous solo highscore. :( Fix soon pls ._.

Although, I reckon if I beat my current highscore, I'll get on the leaderboards...

[side note] I've been gone for a while and will continue to be gone, might come back at a later date when more story stuff has happened :p Just thought I might let you know

[UPDATE] Beat my score, and yes it gave me the submit. Still an annoying bug tho :/
[ANOTHER UPDATE] It's actually a different bug, that the tab sort to "around you" doesn't put you on the list, I had to scroll right a bit to find me. So I don't know if I was actually on the leaderboards or not the first time... I'd say just ignore me for now, until the next leaderboard change (if we ever have one) and I'll look again :p
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