[Gameplay] Immortal monkey prevents gates from unlocking


A weird bug happened to me today, which I was not able to reproduce to record it. I'll try to explain what led to it.

It was in the first fight room in the Puzzle World, right after the room with the four buttons, which are next to each other. I went in, the gates closed.

A monkey picked up a statue and I froze it solid with Frost Nova before it could throw it. Afterwards I hit it with a Meteor and it started burning and unfroze, releasing the statue without the throwing animation. I think I might have also knocked it up with Ice Spikes before the statue landed, but I'm, not sure. I think this is where the monkey suddenly became inactive. It stopped running, stuck in the idle animation. It was also immortal, I could hit it with spells or attacks and it would not die and just be pushed back until I pushed it outside one of the gates. The spawning also became weird, spawning one enemy after one was killed, not wave-like as usual. After beating one enemy after another, only the monkey was left, no more enemies were spawning and the gates remained closed. I could not proceed and teleported out of the zone to Tai Ming.

Edit: Of course I was able to reproduce it when not recording, right after having tried several times while recording and after creating this thread. It does have something to do with the knock up effect of Icy Spikes.

Edit2: Okay, I was able to reproduce it again while recording. Only continue watching after the glitch if you want to see how bad my aim is - I only recorded this long to show how the enemies spawn and how the gates stay closed because of the immortal monkey.

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I had the exact same thing happen to me in both rooms with monkeys, but I was using earth spike. I guess they have the same knock-up effect, so it probably has something to do with that


Green Slime
I managed to recreate the immortal monkey, however there were a few differences:
The Monkey was holding a Plantae Hostilis,
I did not use meteor strike on the monkey,
It was in the courtyard (Where you get the Emblem of Valor), instead of Puzzle World.