[Gameplay] Invincible Enemy in Arcade Desert Stage on Frontline


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I have been unable to progress past the Desert Stage due to an enemy that spawns but cannot be killed. This enemy cannot be interacted with, nor do any of the attacks hurt your character. I have encountered this specific enemy in about 7 separate runs now. No ability/weapon type seems to be able to harm it. When it spawns its an immediate end to a run. If I am just not understanding how to beat this enemy help would be appreciated. However in all testing so far this seems to be a bug.



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Hey! Thanks for the report!

That's a skeleton wizard from the ghost ship, which can appear in the desert if you're running the Big Brothers curse!

The bug here is that the game doesn't give you the Trunk tip to switch into Twilight to kill it:

On a gamepad, you switch by pressing LB/L1, and on keyboard the default binding is Space (can be changed)

Note that the "ability" isn't unlocked until you reach the desert/ghost ship

I'll change it so that Trunk tells you how to use Twilight Shift in the desert if the player encounters such an enemy!
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Thank you so much! This is great to know. Would you like me to update the title/description to accurately reflect the bug?