[Gameplay] Skipping after beating Gauntlet 1


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the bug is simple, when i try to skip the cutscene after the kill of the giant Slime in the challenge : Gauntlet 1, the challenge just restart completely to the first wave of enemy. I did not try in multiplayer.
Hum... I did it again and i saw that there was no text like Press Esc to skip at the cutscene where you see the Giga Slime explode, so i guess the bug would be more that you CAN skip the scene when you maybe shouldn't be able to ?

Challenge: Gauntlet 1
Beating the Four wave -> Skip the cutscene when the slime come in the arena
Beating the slime -> Skip the cutscene
Starting back from the first wave.

PS: I searched for a thread about the same problem but i did'nt find one, sorry if there's already one that i did not see.
Have a good day.
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When you're fighting bosses in the Memory Room or when you're doing Arena challenges you can hold ESC to restart. I don't think you can skip the cutscenes.


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Ah, yes, hmm. The overlapping functions here are quite confusing, for sure. You actually can skip the transformation cutscene, but not the defeat cutscene! Before, tapping Esc there did nothing so it wasn't confusing, but now that you hold Esc to skip cutscenes, you might get tricked into triggering the challenge restart instead of cutscene skip!

I should probably disable the challenge restart command during cutscenes to avoid said confusion!