[GAMEPLAY] the big eye boos on the ship won't appear.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Phoenix, Apr 9, 2020.

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  1. Phoenix

    Phoenix Green Slime

    Hi, I was playing the game yesterday and encountered the big eye boss in the ship after the phase puzzle. Thing is after having some difficulties with the boss and loosing three times I quit the game, and did my homework. When I returned to the game today the big eye guy wouldn't respawn no matter what I do. The cut-scene that usually plays will not play anymore either, no matter how much I try to exit twilight or leave the room. I've tried reentering the game, but it didn't work.
  2. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Hey, thanks for the report! That's some really weird stuff!

    Do you remember at what part of the boss you quit the game? And did you save & quit or just Alt+F4 out of the game?

    Could you upload the save files (both the character and world file) in a .zip file to the forums so I can have a look at them? You can find the save files in %APPDATA%/Secrets of Grindea! Your first slot is named 0.cha and 0.wld, and so on.

    After you've uploaded them, if you don't want to wait for a fix, a reset of the floor might get you unstuck. The command for that is: /f3reset
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