[Gameplay] Weird multiplayer behaviors in Flying Fortress

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by dokaMagi, Aug 26, 2021.

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    I was playing with 2 friends, and this area is always kinda buggy for us.

    The first softlock we encounter was already reported in the out of bound threat.
    I'm not sure what causes this to happen, my friend thinks it was because we used the phase shift basically at the same time in the down arrow.

    The second bug in this area we encounter is that the arrow point top despair for everyone except the host, it is possible to leave with a portal, but is the only way to go anywhere if this happens

    The third one we have no idea how it happens, basically two of us died (one of them was the host, I would call them friend A - Host and B - Joined) in this bottom spawn area. The area was bugged for friend B, so he was not able to leave that area. Friend C was afk in the right entrance of the area, when C took the phase shift (arrow pointing down), the soft lock happened.

    I was playing again with only two player, and this third bug happened, I'm not sure of the causes
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