GamerFi - Secrets of Grindea (First Impressions)


Green Slime
I actually promised this to my viewers back when I first got into the beta (since I've been watching the game since the Alpha), but got bogged down my work/real life and didn't get around to it - until now :D. It's my return to doing First Impressions on my channel, so I need to get back in the groove, but I still feel it wasn't too bad of an episode.

(It's worth noting that we also did a multiplayer session a while back for my Gamer's Gambit series, [GG - Secrets of Grindea - Multiplayer #1] (for my favorite moment, skip to [21:48]) - though we were a bit less well informed about the progress of the game back then - I will probably be returning to doing the GG episodes of the arcade, but after some testing, while I enjoy doing the story mode with multiplayer more, I believe that the videos for that would be superior as a solo player)
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