Ghost Ship Update Feedback


Green Slime
AAAA I just wrote a thread but it made me sign in and deleted everything! I'm kind of bummed out so I'll just summarize everything. This is my thoughts on the new Ghost Ship update coming from a multiplayer, hard mode perspective. This is spoiler heavy and please leave other thoughts you may have below!

The Good:
- Art, music, and storyline are fantastic. I think that there are some little things that could be tweaked, but overall I'm really liking the ship.
- Bosses are insanely great. The first was a regular boss and whatever, but the final two swept me away!
- New items are very cool and straight upgrades of both our items.
- New mob designs are refreshing from the desert projectile hell.
- Ghost Mode is a cool design well executed.
- Illusion scene was crazy good, and the music for it added to it.

The Bad:
- The first boss is not as cool as the other two. Please add another attack or phase!
- Not really a "bad", but can we have more ghost mode things? It's very cool.
- There is a huge bug in The Eye boss fight where people who are playing multiplayer (not the person hosting) hit invisible walls/sections as the fight goes on. I literally could not escape corners and even after the fight ended, it took me a while to exit. I think it goes away after you leave. It really sucks to fight a boss when half the time you can't even move properly.
- The dialogue in the inception/illusion section can use some cleaning up. Some lines are very confusing and don't have as much of an impact as they should.
- Why is Luke's body just forever on the ground :( Let us memorialize him or keep his great axe as a memento. Right after beating him, we went back to see if we could see him again and he was just gone.
- Also, small bug, if you set him on fire he remains on fire even after he dies.
- Other wall splicing bugs with health orbs spawning on beds or ghosts phasing into walls where we can't hit them.

Please leave other comments on the Ghost Ship update if you have any because I think this is one of the best updates we've seen!

TL;DR Great update, lots of glitches.