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    I think I have a great idea that could make shields have an optional neat role!

    I love shield + weapon combos and I thought it would be cool to have a skillset revolving around a shield & 1h weapon combo.
    you would use a one handed weapon but rather than focusing on shadow/spirit attacks you would focus on shield + 1h weapon play. Your shield stats would affect the outcome of the skills. It could be focused more on tanking or more on damage. Perhaps some skills could even benefit other people if you are playing coop. Your 1h weapon would still play an important role.

    A unique possible feature would be that each time you use a shield skill your shield's durability could deplete a little bit so you need to mix in the 1h weapon in there and not just spam shield skills. It would ensure that it really is a 1h/shield combo build.

    Some skills could be something like:

    "Shield Bash" Perhaps it could stun the opponent for a small amount of time. each point on it could add some miliseconds/damage or something. Could deplete shield durability and energy points to prevent spamming. There could maybe be a little knockback as well? *bonus points if you add a big metallic 'bong' sound to it.*

    "Shield Boomerang" You throw your shield at a target and the shield returns to you afterward. You cannot block during this time.

    This skill could deflect damage back at the attacker with every successful block. A perfect guard is a critical hit. It still depletes shield durability but it makes blocking a bit more important part of your offensive strategy.
    Another idea is that maybe when you block an attack your shield absorbs the damage and after a certain amount of damage absorbed, it unleashes that total damage back onto the target directly in front of you.

    These are just some ideas that I had. There could be many many more. But I wanted to give you an idea of some cool things that you could do and since shields are already in the game some of the work is already done :)

    Some inspirations:
    2:49-3:27 for some inspiration on the shield boomerang (without the machine aspect of the shield)

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