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Discussion in 'Streams and Let's Plays' started by Enoen, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. Enoen

    Enoen Rabby

    Would anyone join in to maybe give me critique and company? I swore I'd make a good video to try to reach my highscore but lately I've been a nerve wreck when playing alone and I tend to try to lighten up between floors to not freak out (As I have the tendency to want to perfection everything but I may not try THAT hard except on the Gund4m as I find him to be the most stressful to deal with in terms of not getting hit once.)
  2. chibidash

    chibidash Green Slime

    I would be happy to come and watch a stream and 'attempt' to give come critique but i can be company for lighten the mood incase your stress becomes abit high due to arcade.

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