Incentivizing house experimentation.


A few people I've played with have no idea that the house can either be resized, or that new rooms can be added to it. While I'm not 100% sure what the root problem is, there's a few ways to combat this.

1) Change 'New' to 'Add Room', people see 'New' and they immediately think it's going to delete their current house.

2) Unlock a quest upon purchasing the house to guide people through the various ways of interacting with the home. Something given by the scientist who explains housing to you, to test the limits of her creation. A checklist featuring actions like:

- Place a piece of furniture on the floor.
- Place an item on a table.
- Place an item on a wall.
- Expand a room.
- Add a new room.
- Adjust the lighting.

The reward could be a piece of furniture. A welcome mat, or a furniture set, or something.

3) As a final resort, you could have the Lumberjack sell pre-furnished rooms. Blueprints you could choose from when selecting Add Room. Say you buy a Kitchen Blueprint from him. It comes with two kitchen tables, four kitchen chairs, a fridge, a stove, a sink, a teaset, a spicerack, a salad bowl and a spaghetti plate. You select Add Room, you're presented with 'Custom' or 'Blueprint: Kitchen.' Kitchen shows a list of items you would need and the minimum amount of wood, you're prompted with where to place it - possibly in a location where it's doorway is meant to connect with. Upon placing it every item it requires auto-places where it's supposed to go, and after that you can rearrange items or remove them as you like. Items belongings to the Kitchen Blueprint now show up at Lumberjack's for purchase after buying the blueprint.

This lets people feel like they're expanding their home without actually having an artistic side to express.