Just finished the story, have a suggestion regarding background music usage.


Green Slime
So, I finally got around to playing the new story segment. Really liked the lost ship, and I love where the story went, and how serious it got.

On that note, though, coming back to Evergrind to progress the story and having it's happy, upbeat music play while you're returning to Collector HQ was very jarring. I'm being vague just in case of spoilers, but if you've played that part of the story, you should know why. I did my best to ignore it and just sprint to the next cutscenes, but I feel that a change there could really strengthen this lead-up to the final part of the game.

So, my suggestion is to have the music (or rather, the lack thereof) that plays on the deck of the Lost Ship override any location's soundtracks up until you get into the Collector's HQ and trigger the 2 cutscenes there, and then have the music from that play until you enter the tower (or, it the current version, talk to the guy that tells you it's the end of the current game.) After that, if you choose to teleport out of the tower for a spot of last-minute grinding or secret hunting, that's on you -since you're the one putting aside the final boss to go kill slimes or whatever, you'd get the normal location themes back.