Kyrolike Streaming stuff


Green Slime
Hey there,
as mentioned in my instruction I am a streamer sometimes with a few people who actually watch my stream!
I also got asked if I could put my Stream in here so he can watch it some day! :p

I am capable of speaking almost flawless english and german and usually tend to use both languages if there are people all around the world in my stream-chat so don't worry I can very well communicate with ya'll!

I usually stream stuff like LoL (rarely since a ton of people stream it), Osu!(used to be under top 50 germans but that says nothing) Terraria (damn I love that game) Pokemon Randomizer, Super mario World hacks, Secret of Grindea of course, Diablo 3 sometimes when I'm really bored and a lot of other stuff which I cannot remember right now.

I don't have any streaming schedule since I am no famous guy with dozend of people waiting for my stream, I usually stream once or twice a week sometimes even more when there are acually a lot of people who want me to stream.

My highest Viewercounter thus far was around 45 People while playing LoL and once while playing S4 League (Not playing anymore)

i'd be happy to see a few new faces in chat sometimes, I really like people who actually interact with me while streaming. I also have a second Screen which has the Chat on it 24/7 so I don't miss anything. :D