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Discussion in 'Co-Op & Matchmaking' started by Kiougar, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Kiougar

    Kiougar Green Slime

    I'm really interested in the game but I would be even more excited if the game supports local co-op using gamepads. I searched the Co-Op section in the forums and didn't find anything about it.
    • Does/Will it support local Co-Op?
    • Can you play the game with a gamepad?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Eriktion

    Eriktion Green Slime

    i play the game with my PS3-controller
    using motioninjoy DS3 tool
  3. Vilya

    Vilya Developer Staff Member

    Here's a quote from Teddy, our programmer, answering the same question in this thread:

  4. Kiougar

    Kiougar Green Slime

    Thanks for the answer! If there are any plans to implement it in the future it would be awesome.
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  5. Vilya

    Vilya Developer Staff Member

    As it says in the quote, Teddy is going to make a hack which makes it possible, but you will have to open several instances of the game on your computer so it's more of a workaround that gives you the local co-op effect, rather than something you will find natively within the game.

    At the moment, this workaround is all we have planned in regards to local co-op so it's up to each and everyone if they think it's good enough or not! Sorry :(
  6. Kiougar

    Kiougar Green Slime

    I accidentally edited the previous post. So, with this "hack" you need to have more than one monitors right?
  7. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    You can fit multiple game windows on one screen. Since the game's native resolution is 640 * 360, if you have a 16:9 monitor you can lower the resolution to 1280 * 720 and fit four game windows next to each other. It will end up looking something like this:

    splitscreen example.png
  8. Kiougar

    Kiougar Green Slime

    Got it! I'll give it a try and if I come up with any problems I'll post here :)
  9. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    You can't do this very well yet, though, since the current release doesn't have the input locking code and the code which prevents the program from running slowly when out of focus! Wait for it to be mentioned in the patch notes!
  10. Selon

    Selon Green Slime

    hassle free coach coop would make this game sell alot more.
    dont implement it for the sales though, but for all the fun you would bring to the world :)
    looking forward to playing this coop with my room mate, but preferrably with two gamepads and one screen so we dont have to scream across the apartment or hassle too much with the setup :)

    jag bjuder er på middag i stockholm om ni implementerar detta! ;D
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  11. Einherjar

    Einherjar Green Slime

    Not implementing native local coop would be a real sin.
    But like Selon said, dont rush it by any means. But it would really enhance the overall worth of the game.
    Its already such a fantastic homage to the good old 16bit days, reliving that via couch co op would be absolutely perfect.
  12. yeahjim

    yeahjim Green Slime

    I've been following development for a year or so and I'm really bummed that local co-op doesn't look likely. It seems perfect for SoG.

    Gamers are getting older - many of us are married, or have kids, and we want ways to play games together. It's a shame that local co-op is such a rarity. There is demand for it, though maybe not as vocal as your average internet forum user...
  13. HexZyle

    HexZyle Boar

  14. yeahjim

    yeahjim Green Slime

    I'm aware of the hack and had read about it prior to posting (it's a very thoughtful effort from the dev, but if I have to mess around with the network and run multiple instances of the game... I'm probably just going to play something else instead.)

    Sorry about the threadomancy - this thread had bubbled up in the queue for some reason.
  15. HexZyle

    HexZyle Boar

    I guess then it all depends on your attention span and how badly you want to play the game :/
    Because the tools are available, and are far from complicated.
  16. yeahjim

    yeahjim Green Slime

    It has more to do with the fact that most grownups put in long workweeks and have a limited interest in turning their limited leisure time into more work. Anyway, this is verging dangerously close to an internet argument. All I wanted to do was mention to the developers that local, native co-op is a big draw, if only because it's a rare find (Moon Hunters is the only recent example I can think of...)
  17. A-Jay

    A-Jay Green Slime

    I set up a local lan, one running on the PC the other on my surface pro. LAN was close enough to latency free that I was able to look at the TV while playing on the surface and still be able to play comfortably. Just had to look at the surface screen for my own GUI.
  18. Another voice here requesting couch co-op. Diablo 3 on console was one of the few games that worked to play with my girlfriend and this would be a ppppppeeeerfect followup.
  19. NexusKord

    NexusKord Green Slime

    I know this is an old topic, but I read a repost of Teddy's full response to local co-op that listed many of the reasons that it would be a huge pain(GUI/interface changes, etc). And I am curious about the simple application of split-screen. Mind you i'm no programmer but couldn't you circumvent all those changes with spilt-screen? What would implementing that entail? Just curious as I too would love to have a hassle free split screen option. I am using your hack at the moment (THANK YOU BTW) but without the windows being truly resizable, we cant have that full-screen 2p splitscreen action we are craving.
  20. talos91

    talos91 Green Slime

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