Local co-op


Green Slime

I purchased this game back in 2015, and played it for about 20 hours on my own, but realized it was a game I really wanted to play co-op. I imagine like a lot of people, I have cherished memories of playing Secret of Mana next to my brother on the couch.

All these years later, my wife and I are looking for something fun to waste time away during this quarantine, and I thought this game would be PERFECT for that. Unfortunately, I am struggling with both the workaround, and I've spent a considerable amount of time this morning experimenting with third party extensions, with no real luck. I'd love to be able to use our Steam Controllers to play this together without all the port-forwarding and such.

Do we have any hope of native local co-op? What a place this game could occupy in our hearts if that happened!


Green Slime

Hey, don't know if you already managed to solve the issue, but you should be able to connect the controllers and then play coop by connecting to the other pc using the IP. (Just change the "network type" in the general settings from steam to IP)