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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by res7less, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. res7less

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    That's actually a very interesting chain of thought - one that I didn't think of. It would be interesting if Zhamla actually hunted down the strongest Collectors to collect the Human Collector card.

    What I'm wondering about, though, is what's with all the fire? When we meet Zhamla, he doesn't seem to mage-type. Even as a kid he was training with a sword. And as a grown-up he sliced the Thorn Worm with his blade. So why is everything burning where he appears? All the reports we find tell about fire and smoke. Was he riding a dragon or something? Slan'kerz? :D Well, that certainly would explain, why he would be guarding his sword. Can't wait for more plot content.

    Edit: On second thought, if he was riding a dragon, the Flying Fortress wouldn't have been safe from him. So either he wasn't, or he didn't know of its existence.
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  2. Own

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    As far as we can see, Slan'kerz doesn't have wings.

    It could be that he tried to hunt a dragon card. Engaged Slan'kerz in a battle that spanned the entire continent, ignoring everything else save his desire to kill the dragon. He loses, Slan'kerz gets his sword. But his sword vanishes when dad approaches it, so... I don't know. It can go anywhere it wants to go, so why stay there? Weird.
  3. res7less

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    That would be kinda weird, since the dragon is huge but isn't mentioned anywhere. Surely someone would have noticed that Zhamla is fighting against something large, instead of just making him responsible for everything. He is known to be constantly busy with fighting against creatures, after all. If it was hard to see what exactly is happening because of the smoke, I think it would be easier to spot a huge dragon than a small human. But I generally like the idea of Zhamla not being a villain even after he became mad. I so badly want to know his (and probably Charlotte's and the player's) connection to the Goddess.
  4. KoBeWi

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    Plot twist: Slan'kerz has invisibility/illusion powers (that's why the sword disappeared). During the battle with Zhamla, he was invisible to other people, so it seemed like Zhamla was causing all the destruction. Also it could be possible that Zhamla realized his mistake and just tried to stop the rampaging dragon.
  5. res7less

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    I somewhere briefly mentioned that I think Zhamla is a titan. I was referring to greek mythology, although it appears that titans are not children of gods and mortals, so I just used the wrong word. What I'm saying is that I think that Zhamla might actually be the Goddess' son with his father being a mortal we don't know yet. I guess that would make him a demigod? Whatever it's called; what I mean is an equivalent to Heracles. So, that could be an explanation for his powers and some people like Faita wondering if he is even human. The problem is that we don't know if Zhamla himself reproduced before he died. But if he did, he could pass down the Goddess' "genes" to further generations. Even if not every offspring might have those powers, people like Charlotte and the player could inherit them generations later. If he didn't reproduce, then, well, I guess then they could be reincarnations. I wonder if multiplayer can be explained, though :D The players all potentially have those powers, but only the host is Dad's child.

    Actually, Slan'kerz may not be a dragon at all. Paralyzing with a stare, like he did with Dad, is an ability associated with basilisks. I guess he is some kind of serpent/reptile mix, who happens to know how to use fire magic, which then (admittedly convincing) looks as if he's breathing fire. The player also has the Flame Thrower skill, eh? :D That would indeed mean, that he isn't able to fly like Own said.
  6. The G-Meister

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    There are four houses in Startington ;)
  7. res7less

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    Yes, but I rather meant that they all possess the same powers while only the host is Charlotte's kid. Or are you implying Charlotte had several relations to other dads? :p
  8. The G-Meister

    The G-Meister Giga Slime

    Not exactly, was just saying one comes from each house. To be honest, seen as no-one makes any comments about your magic powers they should be pretty par for the course... right?

    This is why I don't think any sort of skill tree should try to be explained with lore. It gets very meta or very complicated very quickly :confused:
  9. SacredFire

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    I'm sitting up at night thinking about this game (don't judge,) when my thoughts progressed in this direction:

    Ya know, for a side character Luke is really well developed,
    He is strong, WAY strong, but really stupid
    wait a minute...
    he could be easily manipulated....
    by Master Ivy........
    ......HOLY **** I hope he doesn't wind up as a boss

    I feel like he would be a REALLY hard boss
    He hits the frostlings in the toy factory for like 2.5k if I remember correctly

    On a second note it would be kind of fun to face him
  10. GrindeaElmeri

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    I was kind of hoping that SPOILERS

    it would turn out that the Dad was the bad guy all along, one of two ways. Either that he lied about how Charlotte died and is just after power with the artifacts (unlikely, seeing as Bag was there and could testify against this), or that he was so desperate to bring Charlotte back that he'd be willing to resurrect her by means of too great of a sacrifice (which could've been what also happened with Zhamla way back). However, now that I'm caught up with the Tai Ming -beta, neither seems very likely anymore. Would've been an interesting twist though -- would've made Ivy the good guy.

    Regardless of that, I'm fairly certain at this point that Ivy=Charlotte. The sword might've been Zhamla's old one and could've corrupted her, for instance. Like others said before me, it's no coincidence her face/hair is concealed.

    I don't believe Bag is Zhamla, but Bag definitely knows more than he's letting in on. One thing I didn't see mentioned -- the "vision bubble" in the house with the diary. Zhamla mentions seeing a dream where he was fighting Yetis -- I think that was an implication that Zhamla and the main character are connected, and Zhamla saw us as the main character fighting Yetis.
  11. Own

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    If your skin is black, mom is black. Ivy isn't, though.
  12. GrindeaElmeri

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    Heh, that's a good point. I assumed that the skin colour wouldn't matter after the fire attack and/or artifact corruption. But, you are right, that does make it less likely.

    I'd still bet on Ivy being someone we've seen before, but not as confidently.
  13. KoBeWi

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    Maybe her hood covers a secret, like third eye or Voldemort's face at the back of her head. Or she's just very ugly.

    Or it's just for the lulz.
    >*uncovers her face*
    >Ha! You thought I was hiding something?
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  14. The G-Meister

    The G-Meister Giga Slime

    Or maybe she's actually Medusa but doesn't like turning her workforce to stone.
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  15. Enoen

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    When I returned and replayed the entire game (And therefore recollecting every card on my new character) I never expected Zhamla Meer to be such a kind-hearted boy who just wanted to have fun. My friends pointed out many things such as the "Bag" artifact's relation to Zhamla Meer possibly meaning that the bag was the enemy all along (But I am more interested in sympathizing with the bag just to play devil's advocate) but the things that stuck out to me are the following:

    1. In the scene with the dragon when the father attempts to take the sword which vanishes strangely enough like how Zhamla Meer's weapon vanishes after he slays the giant thorn worm; I began to wonder if that was exactly like his sword and it was placed there as a trap. And if so why? Did Zhamla Meer leave it there? Is his remains behind the dragon's resting place? Pure speculation since I'm on the fence on why Zhamla Meer would go rogue without the influence of some "True" evil. Even if Sizou kind of pressured him into it I doubt he'd be a boy beyond reason.

    2. The dragon devours the father's arm while he was held still by some force. This is strange to me. Why so specific? My friend who jokingly believes we are on a quest to give back his missing arm (Because they otherwise believe bringing the mother back is not a grand idea considering how casually the solution was presented) but I am starting to think there is a plot-heavy reason for him missing an arm. That dragon could've easily swallowed him whole but to be fair I could be overthinking it since it tried to obliterate them both with fire the second they ran. Should've opened up the menu quickly Charlotte and make a portal to town.

    3. The artifact that the Sky Fortress mentions regarding Zhamla Meer being able to devour souls. Maybe this is the artifact that drove Zhamla Meer down a dark path? Maybe Sizou's prophecy about the great evil was about the evil artifact; and Zhamla Meer was following his destiny to defeat it but failed since honestly Sizou just wanted him to become an amazing collector. This is why everyone strongly believes that it's the stereotypical self fulfilling prophecy and that WE the player have to take him down.

    4. But as fun as it would be to fight Zhamla Meer. Maybe get his clothes...His hairstyle...(I really like that guy's style over the MC's uniform) these were events that happened over 1000 years ago. We still don't know if the reason we travel to the past is because the priestess guardian (Who is strongly believed to be Zhamla Meer's sister...While the evidence is there I'm hoping she's the one Sizou was talking about in terms of the prophecy since this means something tragic I'll mention at the end) wants us to be prepared for Zhamla Meer's resurrection by the hands of our father unintentionally (Since the theory my friends hold is that the bag has been using everyone this entire time to bring back his former partner and thus proving to be the soul sucking artifact) or if it's simply to warn us of what caused him to go rogue in the first place to prevent something similar from happening. Our characters have the potential of being Zhamla Meer honestly if you think about it; especially true if you're like me and have collected absolutely everything. Why would a threat from 1000 years ago be a threat to us now?

    5. If that priestess guardian is actually Tessen? Then man is that sad because the moment I learned Zhamla was her adopted brother I already shipped it because it would be sweet if Zhamla Meer had his little happy ending at the end of this but unfortunately evidence suggests that neither of them are happy now.

    So those are my current thoughts. Once I rationalize them to not sound like ranting in my head I may repost the important bits into it's own thread about Zhamla Meer and his relation to us now.
  16. GrindeaElmeri

    GrindeaElmeri Green Slime

    A couple of things I realized today:

    1) The 'Echoes of Madness' found in Tai Ming probably refer to Zhamla's madness, and are weaker replicas of him. The Champion-version asking "WHERE IS IT? I MUST FIND IT..." might actually refer to the human card, and Zhamla's madness may have been that he started slaughtering people of his hometown in his search for the card.
    (Does this mean the Echoes of Madness -card technically counts as the human card, if an imprint of someone's consciousness can produce a card? The same could be asked of Ghosts, actually.)

    2) I really really want to see how Zhamla got the Chicken-card.
  17. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    So, if you look at today's post in Vilya's blog, Zhamla can be seen bearing the same curse as Tessen. It would be pretty straight-forward to say that it's just his present version, like Cursed Priestess. But he is using Amalet in one of his attacks, so the battle would take place before GUN-D4M was constructed then.
    The curse is probably connected with the destruction he brought, but that would mean we can't win this battle. Tessen returned to normal after she is defeated, and if he returned to normal, world would be saved, right?

    With this whole curse, it seems like there's some even greater evil behind this and Zhamla was just possessed. Maybe this evil thing resides in artifacts and it led foundations for Collectors. People are collecting rare treasures in the name of the Goddess, but whole this thing is actually a trap to free that evil being, so it can take over the world or something.
    (such story has some similarities with FFX, where ppl worshiped some Yevon to fight a great evil, while he was that evil one)
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  18. Enoen

    Enoen Rabby

    It's possible but now I'm sure of one thing.

    Man even Zhamla makes the meteor spell more practical...Really hard for me to want to be a spell sword when I can never do cool stuff like that ha.

    Other than that I'm glad Zhamla Meer isn't the final boss. Atleast this means we can save his soul somehow by defeating him but honestly from Vilya's little preview I don't understand what makes our MC special anymore; We don't use artifacts other than the bag for combat purposes and while the gold skills look impressive on some of them we don't really look like we show the potential to become anywhere near the level of the mother or Zhamla Meer so now I'm wondering what role does our character truly play? I still think it's possible we could end up like Zhamla Meer.
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  19. res7less

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    Guys, please be fair and don't discuss stuff from Vilya's blog here. It's not part of the game just yet and there are people who don't read the blog for exactly that reason. At least mark the posts as such.
  20. KoBeWi

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    You just need good reflexes XD
    I stated in the first sentence that it's speculation based on Vilya's blog, and Heilias quoted my post, so it's logical he referred to this too. You should have just stopped reading at that point.

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