Me Beating Furious Giga Slime.

I have killed him! I did screw up, and probably could've gotten an S Rank if I didn't take a tiny bit of damage from his spin attack (as I stupidly cornered myself into a place where I would 100% get hit)

Click here for a guide on all different movesets to beat this guy!
One Handed
This is the easiest way to do it, find an area that has no slime in it, and attack once and move everytime he jumps towards you, and if you are cornered in slime, focus on running away (with a speed accessory if you can find it).
To pull off the most damage, level up your shadow clone, and you will widdle him down a little bit faster
For the smaller red slimes, Spirit slash can take care of most of them if you get a space between your attacks, as the red slimes are a little stronger than green ones, but are still easily taken out at level 11 (which is the level I was at after beating the current game and doing the gauntlet)

Two Handed
As I stopped using the Two-Handed weapons as that was my first save, Titan's throw will be SUPER USEFUL in this battle, as it is a ranged attack and can be recollected after, it will take a while, but it is your best bet if you want to survive, as Two-handed swing is very slow and won't open up many opertunities for attack.
Whirlslash is your best chance against the smaller enemies.
Fire Magic
This tactic is similar to the One handed strategy, but you are much safer and further away from danger, your best bet will be to max fireball, and shoot him down, and trying to escape when he does his spin attack. Meteor can also be used, similar to the way you do the Two-Handed strategy, as you can aim Meteor (but you will have to be good as movement prediction)
Ice Magic
Ice spikes is similar to the One-Handed strategy, except you will probably have to get closer, Frosty Friend can help with the smaller enemies, but won't be able to do much against the giant slime.
Earth Magic
This is probably the best magic to be fighting against this guy, the earth spell has the same mechanic as the Meteor and the Titan's Throw, and will be your main source of damage. Your other sources of damage is Insect Swarm when he gets to close and (if your plants actually last) your summon Plants, can do alot more damage.
Air Magic
This is probably not the best idea, the chain lightning is only really that useful against the smaller slimes, as it won't do that much and doesn't have the most range compared to other spells, The cloud is only a bit helpful, and the wind slash is good, but requires waiting to shoot, and may not be the best, especially when he is close.
Support Magic
Haste is very useful, but Shield is amazing if you're prone to screwing up and taking a ton of damage.
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Green Slime
It looks like you are fighting him arena mode, which hasn't gotten a nerf I believe. Only the slime in arcade mode got a nerf. Myself i beat him whith shadow clone and just all the atk/as i could get.
It looks like you are fighting him arena mode, which hasn't gotten a nerf I believe. Only the slime in arcade mode got a nerf. Myself i beat him whith shadow clone and just all the atk/as i could get.

Really? My bad. Well, atleast I can help people out with how they kill him.


Green Slime
the arena slime i also managed to beat once i respecced. he was harder before when i was full cloud. if you have ever tried him in arena, completely other story. area is too small and he slows too much with his slime trail.

good job though! he is certainly difficult if you didnt prepare.


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If I'm up against 1 enemy I can perfect block all the attacks except for Rabbys and Slimes. For some reason I can't block them no matter how much I wish I could. I guess it's because I always kill them without blocking.


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I finally beat him today. It didn't go as smoothly for me as it did for you, more like run, run, run, spirit slash, and repeat. Awesome video man!


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The trick is to know that he will always jump 3 times (if you are not in melee range) and then eithe Jump again (3 times) or shoot some slimes (best time to get damage in), OR spin. The Spin is usually done if he took alot of damage in a short period of time (is what i noticed in my S runs). The Spin is very easy to counter by blocking and taking small, but fast steps backwards from his position. This way you only need to block it up to 3 times, and having him not slide across the arena (minimal Slow AoE projection). The rest is a game of mobility. Make sure to positition yourself after his 3rd jump, so in case of his slime spit attack you can get some nice hits in. The easiest method of beating him is by using level 9 Swarm magic and always give him a silver charge, whenever you can. Summons are not needed.


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I beat him for the first time a few minutes ago with Meteor and run-away tactics. Needed much more time (10minutes). Nice video, will try this soon!